Bespoke development for Sage 50

At kinspeed we offer bespoke development to enhance your Sage 50 Accounts. As a Sage 50 Developer, we can produce bespoke software solutions that integrate into your Sage 50 Accounts. Our development team can integrate Sage into back-office systems, stock control or even your e-commerce website.

We have the expertise and knowledge to:

  • Create customer import routines
  • Create custom reports
  • Import and export data between Sage and non-Sage systems
  • Synchronise your Line 50 data e-commerce web sites
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Why Kinspeed?

Custom, Reliable, Bespoke Sage 50 Solutions

We have the expertise to shape Sage 200 to meet individual business requirements.

The key to everything we do is to gain a complete understanding of your business. Going above and beyond to understand the requirements moving forward, as well as the current situation of your business.

We develop Sage 50 solutions that deliver effective and efficient solutions to the issues currently faced by your business, allowing your business to expand its operations using tried and tested methods.

Minimal disruption to your business

At kinspeed, we understand that implementing software while minimising disruption is essential.

From implementing complex business solutions to just enhancing the core functionality of Sage where it is lacking, we have an implementation plan to ensure everything is a success.

Our team of project managers carry out many responsibilities that make sure your business resources are fully functioning while your Sage 200 is being enhanced. Such as helping you understand every step of the process before it has started.

Get maximum value out of your solution

The solutions we create are designed to add real value to your business.

Helping you get the most out of your Sage 200 software by saving you time, simplifying processes and supporting you as your business grows.

We put every effort into making sure you get the maximal benefits from your Sage 200 solutions, allowing you to understand why your investment was worth it from the start.

Additions and solutions for Sage 50

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Webshop extra

Integrate your Sage 200 software and eCommerce websites efficiently and seamlessly, providing the ability to easily process orders and manage online inventory.

Process Control System icon

Process Control System

PCS for Sage 50 allows you to enter your sales orders, and track them through your warehouse by barcode so you know where an order is at any stage. Using inexpensive bar code scanners and optional large screens throughout your premises you will never lose track of orders again.

Order Pad icon

Order Pad

Create a dedicated web-based portal to allow your clients and their associated branches to place orders online 24/7. Show tailored product ranges and prices to individual customers whilst bringing orders directly into Sage.

Caterquotes Integration icon

Caterquotes Integration

The number one quotation system in the catering equipment industry. Sales quotes and purchase orders can be imported to various accounting systems, eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing the risk of error during the transfer process.

Kinspeed & Boohoo Have Been Working Together Since 2008

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