Sage 200 software can be applied to all major industries, including manufacturingwholesaleretail and eCommerce. The flexibility and customisation of this software enable your business to take control of your processes. As a result, you can make the most out of your business model and maximise profitability. 

The Sage 200 eCommerce capabilities extend beyond facilitating your online B2B and B2C sales. This ERP software seamlessly integrates your online business with your distribution channels to provide the ultimate package of communication, efficiency and productivity. Moreover, this platform offers the tools to sync stock inventory and manage all orders and shipping requirements. 

If you are involved in an eCommerce site that deals with orders, transactions and logistical information, you will understand how time-consuming and manual these tasks can be. Having a robust and accurate ERP system in place has many benefits. It will not only improve the workflow of your team, but it will provide the visibility and traceability required when packing and sending goods out to consumers. 

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What is an eCommerce ERP System? 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software accumulates and manages all of your data in one centralised system, which is easy to navigate. Fundamentally, this software connects every department, process and person to provide essential insight for your decision-making and growth. This united workflow enables you to track supply chain operations, accounting, project and risk management to provide and analyse data. In addition, this data can be used to identify areas of your business which are not profitable and ensure every individual or process fulfils their roles and responsibilities. 

Sage 200 is a cloud-based system which provides the tools to improve the productivity and profitability of your organisation. Whether you are part of an SME or a multi-million-pound company, Sage 200 ERP software provides 24/7 data. Furthermore, this data is accurate and up-to-date from anywhere in the world. 

ERP systems are incredibly intelligent and provide an environment for your team to focus on what really matters. Through the innovative design, Sage ERP software automatically tracks business data, reducing the possibility of human error through manual data entry. Furthermore, you can have confidence that the integrity of your data is faultless and that your reports are precise. This plethora of tools, data and information facilitated by Sage 200 ensure your business maximises profits and works as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of Sage 200 eCommerce Software

Sage 200 is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it is a tailored and bespoke package which will facilitate your business requirements. For an eCommerce platform, it’s imperative that your sales team has access to accurate information and that your platforms are fully updated with stock levels, inventory, stock availability, serial numbers, customer information and shipping data. Moreover, this information and improved communication within your team will provide the best sales experience for your customers. Other benefits of implementing Sage 200 into your business include 


This software can grow with you as your business grows. Your initial investment into Sage will improve your current business model and future-proof your organisation as you expand and grow.


Cloud Connectivity

Access data any time, from anywhere, with Sage 200 cloud-based solutions. Sage 200 eCommerce ERP can run entirely from the cloud with 24/7 availability of insight and reports for your team. 


This highly customisable solution can reduce costs within your eCommerce platform through website maintenance and marketing. 


Your sales team can work efficiently and proactively as information is readily available, accurate, and up-to-date. In addition, this eCommerce ERP solution enables you to reach new markets and customers online through innovative platforms.

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Sage 200 eCommerce Software Key Features

The amalgamation of Sage technology, combined with insight and flexibility, enables your business to run as efficiently as possible. From supply chain management all the way to your product arriving at your customer’s door, every step is calculated and profitable. Furthermore, your team can work collaboratively with interactive and intelligent workspaces, improving communication and service. This personalised and in-depth software tracks production management with BOM planning, shop floor data control and quality control. In addition, your team also has access to financial management tools, including budgets and accounting, fixed assets and financial reporting. Other features of Sage 200 for the eCommerce industry include; 

Comprehensive Product Data

Invoices, purchase orders, and sales orders fully integrate with Sage 200 to provide accurate product data. Actively understand each sale’s stock levels, stages, and profitability at any time. 

Sage Payments

Customers can pay through SagePay or Paypal, which is safe and secure and automatically feeds back to your accounts. 

Fast & Secure Service

This Sage 200 eCommerce integration includes all essential security measures in one fast and secure package. 

Manage Orders 

Stock allocation and data are transmitted automatically to your team whenever an order is placed. This ensures a constant stream of accurate and reliable information. 


An additional add-on to improve warehouse logistics and minimise manual errors through innovative dispatch control of products. 

Third-Party Logistics

The option to connect to courier services to provide real-time updates to your customers and your team, along with pricing and rate changes. 

Transform your eCommerce Business with Sage 200 

To fully understand how this Sage 200 eCommerce integration will benefit your business, it is essential to understand the potential of this software. Sage 200 modules cover a plethora of solutions which are customisable and extensible. However, some modules will be more relevant based on your business model and goals. 

When selling your products online, there are many things to consider. For example, currencies and exchange rates are vital if you sell internationally. The Sage Accounting Plus Module allows your team to use live exchange rates to maintain accuracy automatically. You can also select your customer or client’s exact currency to save time when processing orders. Furthermore, Sage can send invoices and receive payments in those currencies to keep your data streamlined and accurate. In addition to your customer-facing tasks, you can set up and maintain foreign bank accounts, import transactions, and track expenses in the correct currency. Finally, if your business goal is to penetrate the international or global market, this accounting module will facilitate that growth and enable success. 

Whether your business focus is international shipments or more localised deliveries, warehouse and stock management will be one of the most critical aspects of your eCommerce platform. Track and maintain stock with inventory reports and real-time stock data insight. This functionality extends to minimum stock levels, linking to your suppliers to set up purchase orders, so you always have enough stock. In addition, this will free up your working capital as it removes the requirement for manual stock counting and data entry.

Grow your eCommerce Business with Sage 200 Software

A modern ERP system seamlessly integrates within your eCommerce business to create a future-proofed and cohesive operation. Sage 200 ERP will provide the tools to receive customer orders, update inventory after every sale, and calculate labour requirements for order fulfilment based on demand. Furthermore, our existing client base who decided to upgrade their ERP systems all had one thing in common, the desire to grow and scale their business. As an eCommerce business, if your sales increase, you need a system which is going to manage a higher volume of orders and keep costs low. 

At Kinspeed, we have worked with many eCommerce and retail platforms; however, our most successful examples include Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing.

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"The team at Kinspeed have supported Pretty Little Thing through rapid growth, taking time to understand our business requirements and providing effective solutions to meet our needs."
Leanne Clancy
IT Director | Pretty Little Thing

Tailored ERP Solutions for eCommerce Businesses

This investment is one of the most important decisions you will make; therefore, the execution and implementation must be flawless. As part of our Sage 200 Development services, our team can create bespoke solutions to unlock the full potential of the Sage software. This service ensures your ERP system is built with your business requirements in mind and ensures you are leveraging its full potential. 

One significant benefit of Sage 200 is the fully customisable workspaces and role-based dashboards. At Kinspeed, we offer Sage 200 Training to enable your team to adopt the new platform and quickly become experts. Our training extends to your post-go-live, and we have additional online, on-site or off-site training packages available. 

For more information on how Sage 200 can help your eCommerce site, call us today at 01246 437000. Our team of Sage experts will be happy to help and offer a free Sage 200 demo so you can understand the full potential of this software. 

Signs you need eCommerce ERP Software 

You probably have another ERP system in place that you have had for a long time, and you are trying to determine if this is the right one for you. If you have outdated software, this can cause many pain points within your business, both for your employees and customers. A great way to determine whether you are ready for a new ERP system is by looking back at your current system and identifying areas that need improvement.

Common Reasons Why eCommerce Companies Upgrade to Sage 200 

There has been an increase in demand or sales, and you cannot keep up. 

Slow and limited software makes it difficult to perform tasks efficiently.

Manual data entry, which is both time-consuming and involves regular human errors.

Dissatisfied customers and negative reviews (slow response times, slow deliveries or incorrect shipments). 

You are looking for more traceability for stock items from warehouse control to shipping.

If you have experienced any of those points, Sage 200 would be hugely beneficial for your business. The capabilities of this operating system are exponential, with options to include Sage 200 add-ons for further customisation. Contact us now for a free consultation in which we will discuss, in more detail, how Sage 200 could help your business.

Our team of experts are always happy to help, so please call 01246 437000 for friendly and reliable advice. 

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An integrated retail solution from Kinspeed is based on Sage Enterprise Resource Planning software with additional functionality delivered through .Net Development

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