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Investing in new technology for your business can be a daunting process. And, because Sage Intacct is a fully customisable system tailored to your exact business requirements, full user adoption can be difficult. As a result, we have developed flexible Sage Intacct training courses so your business can get the most out of your investment. 

Kinspeed’s Sage Intacct training packages can be scheduled as individual sessions or as an in-depth, comprehensive course. Furthermore, we provide a flexible online, on-site and off-site training plan to facilitate your business and suit your team’s schedule. Our customised and bespoke Sage Intacct training classes will provide the knowledge, skills and expertise to push your business and optimise its full potential. 

Sage Intacct On-site/ Off-site Training 

Our on-site training is our most effective approach, as we can spend an entire day face-to-face with you and your team. We can visit your business premises or invite you to our state-of-the-art facilities for a comprehensive and fun training day. This in-person package is available to all customers, big or small, that require Sage Intacct accounting software training. As a result, this proactive and hands-on learning approach will progress your team and support all skill levels and abilities.

To request your on-site Sage Intacct training, contact your account manager or call 01246 437000 or

Instructor-Led Courses

Interact with our consultant and your peers through comprehensive face-to-face training

High Engagement 

Personalised and interactive sessions with hands-on exercises based on your financial data

Collaborative Learning 

Learn through conversation, teamwork and participation with our in-person courses

Sage Intacct Online Training

Alternatively, our Sage Intacct online training service is available for organisations requiring a more flexible training approach. For example, we understand that many businesses and industries have adapted their organisations to work on a hybrid basis, combining office and home working. Therefore, our training is adaptable to you and can be performed in the office or remotely through a virtual classroom.

No matter how your team works, our online training is available for successful software adoption with full access to our pre-recorded library of Intacct training videos. In addition, we have a team of certified Sage Intacct expert consultants available via Zoom, Skype and Teams, to expand on this training and guide you through the software. 

This modernised approach to training is our most cost-effective option for businesses that do not require a completely bespoke set-up for their Sage Intacct implementation. 


Get the training you need at a time which works for you with access to our on-demand video library and training resources.  


Learn at your own pace with our online Sage Intacct learning centre from anytime, anywhere and on any device.  


Learn from industry experts with over 20+ years of experience in Sage software. 

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Sage Intacct Training Courses by Kinspeed 

Sage Intacct Core Module Training 

The Sage Intacct software is a financial management platform that streamlines financial processes, increasing productivity and profitability across the board. As standard, the Sage Intacct core financial module is integrated within the platform, comprising six essential functions; accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, general ledger, order management and purchasing. Therefore, Kinspeed offers user training for all core modules of Sage Intacct to teach essential information to future software users at your business. 

Additional Sage Intacct Module Training 

In addition to the Sage Intacct modules, you can unlock advanced software capabilities by integrating Sage Intacct’s additional modules, including dashboards and reportingbilling and platforms

Furthermore, individual module refreshers are available for users with a specific goal in mind or those looking to develop their skills in a different module. These expand from beginner to advanced courses to ensure you get the most out of your software, regardless of your current skill level. 

Sage Intacct Training FAQs

Kinspeed's Sage Intacct training is entirely niche to your business, industry, requirements, future goals and experience levels. Furthermore, we will use your own business's financial data to report on critical financial insights using Sage's intuitive dashboard functions to ensure you get the most value from each session. Therefore, every implementation package is bespoke, so you can understand the software's capabilities for your organisation and unlock its full potential.

Training time-frames will depend on your skill levels and adaptability. For businesses upgrading from a different system, such as Sage 50, your team will be familiar with similar software and require just a refresher. However, integrating a brand-new system for the first time can take longer as your team will need to learn the software's capabilities. 

It will also depend on the training package you proceed with. For example, on-site/ off-site training will typically last a full day, covering the entire software. In contrast, remote training sessions will be shorter, as individuals can lose focus without face-to-face teaching. Thus, remote training will take longer for your team to adopt the software entirely.

For more information, please speak with our Sage Intacct training consultants. 

This software is extensive in its functionality, with a huge plethora of capabilities, tools and dashboards curated specifically for your business. As a result, training is a significant part of the adoption process to ensure your team can magnify its full potential.

Ultimately, it is up to your organisation whether you invest in our training packages, but it is something which we highly recommend. An in-depth and bespoke training course will accelerate your business's performance, providing the tools to utilise its abilities quickly and strategically.

Why Work With Kinspeed?

Kinspeed has been a Sage business partner for over 20 years, meaning our staff are specialists in all Sage software. Sage Intacct is no different, and our dynamic team of finance and industry experts will work extensively to maximise your return on investment (ROI) through in-depth and comprehensive Sage Intacct training courses. These Sage Intacct courses will efficiently train your staff to become experts in this software, leveraging its full potential and capabilities. As a result, your team can integrate this knowledge and expertise into critical day-to-day processes to receive benefits immediately. 

In addition, we also have a Sage Intacct support service available for all customer support requests now and in the future. So, unlock your full business potential with this entirely bespoke, perfect-fit ERP software solution.

Want to learn more about Sage Intacct? Join us for our in-person or online courses, and get full access to our Sage Intacct accounting software training resources and on-demand video library. Call our team of Sage Intacct experts today at 01246 437000 to organise your training package. 

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