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Fully integrated wholesale distribution ERP solutions

Expertly integrated wholesale distribution software business can rely on to remove complexity and fuel growth. Connect and automate business processes in real-time, for efficient management of wholesale distribution operations, using a single software solution.

When customer loyalty hinges on accurate service delivery, wholesale distribution software ensures the right product is sent out first time, on time, every time. Become a paragon of customer experience using industry-specific software, tailored to an individual business.

Wholesale distribution software supports seamless operations throughout the supply chain and within the warehouse, as a result of accurate inventory data. Stock levels are confidently managed using real-time insights and reliable forecasting, therefore allowing a business to reduce exposure to demand fluctuations.

Integrated handheld scanners, connected in real-time, provide essential product traceability for both perishable and non-perishable goods. Simple, yet powerful batch and serial number tracking is ideal to meet stringent traceability protocols. Wholesale distribution software supports distributors to enter new supply chains.

Specialist software designed for wholesale distributors removes the margin for error through process automation and complexity through integration, thus improving revenue. Forward-thinking businesses leverage technology to remain at the forefront of their industries. Continuous improvement redefines expectations, to fuel sustainable business growth.

Accurate order fulfillment





3PL & warehouse integration

Tailored ERP Software for Distribution

Integrated software unifies isolated data within a single system, collating all process-related data in one, easily accessible system. ERP software for distribution connects supply chain and inventory data with the full scope of business activities, including sales, marketing, and finance. Outlier software applications are expertly integrated by Kinspeed developers. The most common applications are third-party couriers such as DHL and Parcelforce.

ERP software from Sage and NetSuite is augmented by Kinspeed developers. ERP integration and tailoring delivers perfect-fit wholesale distribution software, unique to the individual business. Developers build bespoke, role-based user interfaces and automated reports. As a result, the client achieves maximum value across every department and business unit.

Led by real-life industry experts – with backgrounds in logistics, distribution, and accountancy – Kinspeed developers deliver a system which will evolve and scale with a business, for the long-term.

The true value of tailored ERP software for distribution, lies in its comprehensive scope of integration and automation:


Integration to Product Information Management tools

Purchasing and
Goods In

PO management and scheduling including barcode receipts

Sales Order

Integration of all sales sources; telephone, manual, email, EDI, web

Picking and

Barcode enabled scanning and picking facility


Automated despatch labels and links to carriers and carrier broker software


Seamless integration to internal logistic systems including Clipper, Wincanton, Hellman, GBH and others


Bespoke dashboards, in-depth analysis, reporting, and third-party business analyst tools.

With tailored ERP software for distribution, manual reporting and reconciliation is eliminated.
In addition, previously siloed departments are connected in real-time, enabling a holistic approach to planning and strategy.

Sustainable growth with
Kinspeed wholesale distribution software

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“We are very happy with the new process, it has significantly improved our internal operations and eliminated shortage and quality queries from our customers. This is the most effective enhancement to our business processes ever.”

Wholesale Distribution Software Small Business

Barriers to growth can seem unsurmountable for small business. Ambitious small enterprises however, are well-placed to capitalise on the benefits of technology, compared to their larger, often sluggish competitors. Wholesale distribution software small business can leverage for growth, is scalable and tailored to support quick and confident decision-making. Designed to overcome industry-specific challenges, wholesale distribution software caters for niche requirements.

Wholesale Distribution Challenges

Wholesale Distribution Software

Wholesale distribution software is perfect for:

Perishable Produce



Leisure goods


Works with: low volume, high value products, high volume, low unit cost products, and everything in between.
Proven for 100 orders per day and 24,000 orders per hour!

Wholesale distribution ERP software guides from Oracle NetSuite and Sage

Kinspeed: forward thinking, industry leading, efficient and expert. ERP integrated software solutions including Sage and NetSuite.

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