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Sage 200 ERP software is a complete business solution to manage, track, and scale your organisation. This platform offers a huge range of components which will automate your day-to-day tasks whilst improving communication within your team. In addition to the standard Sage 200 package, you can install and manage Kinspeed add-ons as an extra step to further increase the software capabilities. Kinspeed Sage 200 add-ons have been designed to expand the functionalities of the Sage modules, providing the tools to elevate your business processes even further.


What are Sage 200 Add-ons?

Sage 200 add-ons refer to the additional enhancements that work in collaboration with Sage 200 modules. Here at Kinspeed, we have curated a range of Sage add-ons which bridge the functionality gaps in a standard Sage 200 package. These add-ons provide the tools for a highly tailored and enhanced experience that aids business growth and development. In addition, each Sage add-on amplifies core software and improves workflow within your organisation.

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Kinspeed's Sage 200 Add-ons


Inventory Management Software

Draycir Credit Hound

Credit Control Software


Quoting Software

FastDespatch: Inventory Management Software

FastDespatch by Kinspeed is a system designed to improve your warehouse logistics and minimise manual errors. This application provides the platform to pick, pack, check, weigh and catch weigh shipments to ensure the correct items are sent to the receiver. This additional module can also connect you to major courier services such as FedEx and Royal Mail to speed up the dispatch processing times.

Key Features of FastDespatch

The most attractive benefit of introducing this into your warehouse and distribution team is batch and serial control. This feature is a critical tool if you deal with perishable goods as it minimises the risk of errors for time-sensitive products. Furthermore, this additional bolt-on ensures that all orders have 100% accuracy whilst providing real-time data to your accounts. In addition, FastDespatch provides more traceability within your team to understand who packed the shipment. This data offers complete accountability of stock items and a 90% reduction in incorrect picks/delivery.

Another feature of FastDespatch is that it seamlessly integrates with third-party logistic software. This ensures you deliver a faultless tracking system with your chosen courier. Finally, the innovative and coherent system reduces the query resolution time by over 75% and the order processing time by 50%.

Find out more about Kinspeed’s FastDespatch platform by contacting us at 01246 437000.

Draycir Credit Hound: Credit Control Software

Draycir credit control software integrates with your core package to improve accounting processes. This platform provides the tools to get paid faster, automate debt chasing and manage customer payments efficiently. In addition, each widget can be drilled down further to compare between periods.

Credit Hound can look into your current account state by tracking aged debt reports, cash reports, key metrics, dispute data and late, scheduled and pending payments to provide more accurate forecasts. This forecasting can influence crucial business decisions and assist in the growth of your business.

Key Features of Draycir Credit Hound

A key benefit of Draycir is the reduction in manual interventions. For example, with Credit Hound, you can automate credit control processes to ensure payments are received on time through innovative rules and actions. Credit controllers can set rules against accounts using a set of criteria to filter the transactions. As a result, these filtered accounts have the necessary action taken against them. This could be a reminder email or letter, pausing the account or scheduling a call in the credit controller to-do list.

Another critical feature of this additional module is the ability to control all documents. Draycir Document Distribution and Spindle Document Management Software can assist your business in the transference of documents coming in and out of Sage. This electronic intervention removes the manual workload and ensures data is distributed correctly and on time. Furthermore, your organisation will be HMRC-compliant with storing and delivering important documents.

Could you benefit from Draycir as your accounting software? As a Sage partner we will be happy to discuss this Sage 200 add-on based on your business requirements. Contact us now or call our team at 01246 437000.

AutoQuotes: Quoting Software

AutoQuotes (AQ) was designed to streamline the sales processes for manufacturers, distributors and consultants/ designers. AQ is specifically designed for the food service equipment industry due to the extreme details and requirements each client needs. This platform bridges the gap between product catalogues and pricing lists towards state-of-the-art software for quoting and invoicing. In addition, this software application will remove the need for manual data entry, reducing admin time and errors.


Key Features of AutoQuotes

It is a highly customisable and extensible platform which can store almost one million SKUs, including spec sheets, pricing, product descriptions, warranty details, CAD and Revit content. With this SKU function, your business can access accurate figures, enabling your sales team to raise quotes efficiently. In addition, automated updates with disseminated stock data will increase productivity and professionalism as you can access live inventory counts and internal stock numbers.

Another feature of AQ’s technology is the ability to customise quotes for even the most complex pieces of equipment. Create a bespoke sales order entry based on your client’s needs through modifications and accessories. Furthermore, when an RFQ is raised, AQ can respond quickly using the database of products. Again, this efficient service and substantial product range will ensure you win the sale every time.

Another incredible benefit of introducing AQ into your organisation is the abundance of data with AQ Insight. You can determine how much revenue is in your sales pipeline, understand how your products are quoted, and identify profitable business opportunities. Industries such as manufacturing are incredibly competitive, so it is always important to stay ahead. These figures can provide critical insight into the profitability and productivity of your company, and specific clients, enabling you to make better-informed decisions. As a business, if you implement this Kinspeed add-on, AutoQuotes training is available to show you the software’s full capabilities.

Are you considering adding AutoQuotes UK to your repertoire of tools? Contact Kinspeed today at 01246 437000 or email us at for more information.

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