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Fully integrated retail management software

Fully integrated retail software for multi-outlet and multi-channel retailers to operate as a single, cohesive omnichannel business.

Kinspeed retail software solution seamlessly connects and automates orders, EPOS, inventory management, warehousing and dispatch with financials and accounting, CRM, and marketing.

A unified retail management system provides a real-time business view for smarter decision making and simultaneously delivers the optimal omnichannel customer experience.

Web order automation

EPOS integration

Core process integration

Product Information Management

Warehouse scanner integration

3rd Party logistics integration

EDI portal compliance

Sage or NetSuite ERP implementation

Integrated Retail Management Software

Customers expect a seamless, unified shopping experience across online, store and third-party outlets. Integrated retail management software provides a unified omnichannel platform which eliminates manual data entry for rapid order fulfilment with zero margin for error.

Retail software connects processes from each business unit, capturing transaction and logistics data into a single cohesive system. Data is available in real-time, accessible from any location. A fully integrated retail management system ensures data is up to date and accurate.

Retail software automatically updates as stock and orders are received and dispatched – the need for manual invention is removed entirely. Purchasing and stock management benefits to secure optimum stock availability. A full and accurate inventory means customers receive their orders as expected, on time and in full, every time.

Integrated Retail Management System Benefits

Remove manual data entry and eliminate errors

Efficiency improvements with aligned ERP and retail processes

Website, store and warehouse stock accuracy with automatic updates

Rapid order fulfilment
and fast dispatch

Improved omnichannel customer experience and profitability

Financial reconciliation become effortless with accurate real-time data and intuitive analytics dashboards. 24/7 access to a 360-degree view of business finance frees significant time to focus on strategy, rather than hunting spreadsheets.

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Retail Software for Growth and Agility

Kinspeed use proven ERP solutions – Sage and NetSuite – along with .NET software development to provide a retail management system with a single source of truth.

Retail management software delivers a seamless customer experience. ERP for retail automates processes and eradicates manual data entry to facilitate a streamlined order fulfilment process, from supply chain through to delivery.

ERP equips retailers with total business visibility and reduced complexity. Accurate data informs fast decision making, enabling retailers to remain agile as the retail industry presents new challenges.

Sales orders and
stock linked with
website and ERP

EPOS fully integrated with ERP software

Model the product
matrix directly within ERP software

ERP and web synchronised product taxonomy

Rapid PO creation at style level with SKU weighted ratio

How to pick an Inventory Management Solution that scales with your business – download the Inventory Management Guide for Retailers

Grow with Kinspeed Retail Software

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"The team at Kinspeed have supported Pretty Little Thing through rapid growth, taking time to understand our business requirements and providing effective solutions to meet our needs."

Scale with ERP for Retailers

Retail software is designed to scale as a business grows and is easily customisable as processes evolve. Secure cloud storage and automatic updates offer straightforward business management for growing retailers.

Proven adaptability for rapid growth

Automated data entry saves time and reduces errors

Fully scalable solutions for high or low order volumes

With integration between systems, fully comprehensive data is always available in real-time dashboards

Configured and customised to  suit each retail environment

Retail Software is Perfect for:



Outdoor Equipment


Perishable Produce

Works with: low volume, high value products, high volume, low unit cost products and everything in between
Proven for 100 orders per day and 24,000 orders per hour!

An integrated retail solution from Kinspeed is based on NetSuite or Sage Enterprise Resource Planning software with additional functionality delivered through .Net Development

Kinspeed: forward thinking, industry leading, efficient and expert. ERP integrated software solutions including Sage and NetSuite.

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