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Sage 200 is a popular ERP software choice for companies of all sizes in various industries; however, its wide range of modules and capabilities and its customisable nature are ideal for retail businesses. Here at Kinspeed, we have helped numerous retail companies to achieve complete business visibility by delivering integrated Sage 200 software solutions.

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What is Retail ERP Software?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is used to refer to types of software that combine all your essential day-to-day business requirements into one handy resource. Utilising ERP software allows you to easily manage your finances, supply chains, customer relations, stock levels, order processing, pricing, and business intelligence in one place.  ERP software is utilised by companies of all sizes, from small independent businesses to large multinational corporations across all industries. One of the largest benefits of an ERP system, like Sage 200, is the ability to tailor it to meet your specific business requirements. By incorporating ERP software into your company, you can ensure all areas of your business are running smoothly. It allows all your business processes to unite in an end-to-end workflow, providing complete business visibility and ensuring data integrity is maintained. Therefore, incorporating ERP means knowing everything about your business, allowing you to determine areas of weakness and discover ways you can grow with regular reports.  Think of it as an investment that grants you the ability to spend valuable time on business-critical matters while automating those time-consuming tasks that nobody enjoys with bespoke workflows. ERP software is simply a straightforward way to connect all the separate parts of your business, including staff, processes and data, into one database. When all parts of your business are connected, everything is streamlined and as efficient as possible, resulting in maximum profits and business growth.

Retail Benefits of Sage 200

ERP systems, like Sage 200, are beneficial for all industries – however, they are particularly useful for retail companies. Essentially the main benefit of a retail ERP system is to help you streamline all areas of the business, reducing problems and increasing your revenue as a result.


Achieve complete business visibility and discover first-hand what’s really going on in all areas of your business, including your financials, stock levels, supply chains, customer relations, distribution, and more. 



Completely customisable, Sage 200 grants you the ability to create your own processes and automations that align perfectly with the structure and methods used by your retail business.


Sage 200 is an ERP software that grows with you, meaning it’s the only system you need for now and the future. With Sage 200, you can confidently expand your retail company, knowing your ERP will be with you every step of the way.

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Why Choose Sage 200 Software for Retail

There are a number of retail ERP systems available on the market today, so why should you choose Sage 200? As an experienced Sage partner, we know the software inside and out. In a nutshell, Sage 200 is the epitome of a retail ERP system: a scalable, cloud-based software solution designed to manage all aspects of your business in one place.

Let’s explore some of Sage 200’s key features and how they can directly benefit your retail business:

  • With Sage 200, everything is cloud-based, meaning you can access live data and view every aspect of your business from anywhere in the world, at any time! This allows for full business transparency as you can track data from end to end.
  • Sage 200 allows you to manage your supply chains with ease, so you can carry out quality control and maintain an active channel of communication with your suppliers. This allows you to identify issues as soon as they arise, reducing costly problems further down the line.
  • Alleviate the stresses of managing your inventory and stock control tasks with the help of Sage 200. This retail ERP allows for real-time monitoring of stock levels, sales and all the logistics involved, allowing you to optimise your warehouse to be as efficient as possible.
  • Monitor your sales data from creation to completion across multiple channels, combining all data into one easy-to-manage source in Sage 200 for fully integrated retail functionality.
  • Integrate your CRM with Sage 200 and incorporate customer data into marketing campaigns to assist your team, manage relations and grow your business.
  • Receive real-time updates and reports containing data from all business sectors, so you know exactly what is going on in your retail company at all times. With such information at your fingertips, you can make the right decisions and continue to grow your enterprise with the help of live analytics and business insights.

Sales orders and
stock linked with
website and ERP

EPOS fully integrated with ERP software

Model the product
matrix directly within ERP software

ERP and web synchronised product taxonomy

Rapid PO creation at style level with SKU weighted ratio

Scale Your Retail Business with Sage 200

One of the most common reasons our customers choose to implement Sage 200 is to assist them as they grow. As a retail business, you’re always looking to increase your orders and, therefore, your profits. But without competent processes in place to support and sustain such growth, you’re inevitably setting yourself up to fail. Your team won’t be able to keep up, essential data will be lost, your warehouse team can’t fulfil orders, and you will end up in a complete mess.

By allowing all areas of your business to communicate seamlessly with each other, these issues are minimised. Retail companies are like engines; unless all the separate cogs and components of your business are oiled and working together, the engine will seize up! 

Thanks to its customisable nature and wide range of capabilities, Sage 200 can grow and evolve with you as your retail business achieves growth, helping you every step of the way.

If you’re looking to grow your retail company, or you’re already experiencing organic growth that you just can’t keep up with, speak to our friendly team of experts about how Sage 200 can help you. Just call   01246 437000 now or book a free consultation using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Signs You Need a Retail ERP System

Maybe you’ve been looking into ERP systems for your retail business, but you’re not sure whether to take the plunge yet.  So, to help you make up your mind, we’ve put together some of the telltale signs that show your business would benefit hugely from a retail ERP system.

We’ve helped numerous retail companies by implementing Sage 200 and seen first-hand the challenges they were facing before using ERP. Here are some of the most common problems businesses were facing before they came to us for solutions:

You currently use multiple systems for each component of your business processes

For example, you use one software for your accounting, another for your order processing, different software for shipping and fulfilment, and a separate CRM system that holds customer details. While it might be the way you’ve always done it, structuring your business this way means so much wasted time and effort for your staff. Consolidating all of these processes into one retail ERP system will solve this problem, saving you time and money.

You have multiple sales channels to organise

There are numerous ways you can sell your product or services these days, but managing these channels separately places you at risk of a wide range of problems. It might be working for you now, but as your business grows and the orders increase, you’re setting yourself up for stock control issues, lost customer information, incomplete returns, and a mess for your accounting team. A retail ERP allows you to consolidate multi-channel orders into one system, thereby removing the risk of the problems listed above.

Your customers are complaining

As a retail business, customer satisfaction is key to your success. Unfortunately, if customers are facing issues with their orders being fulfilled correctly, they will likely complain and leave a poor review. These reviews will then be seen across the Internet, tarnishing your brand’s reputation and putting off potential customers, resulting in a loss of profits for you. Using a retail-specific ERP system will allow you to track your stock levels, take inventory, and manage orders from end to end successfully.

You’re hiring more staff to manage sales processes

Hiring more staff is a great way to grow your business, but if you’re hiring staff just to update order information and manage monotonous tasks, it’s a wasted investment. These tasks could all be automated using ERP software, meaning a win-win for everyone involved – your staff can focus their time and effort on more beneficial work, and the necessary tasks are completed at a faster rate without the issues associated with manual data handling.

You’ve outgrown your current business management system

Business growth is the ultimate goal; unfortunately, some systems on the market just cannot keep up with your demands as it happens. For example, unlike Sage 200, some retail ERPs will limit the number of orders they can handle or the number of locations you have. Instead, you require an ERP that will grow with you and support your development rather than hinder your progress.

Grow with Kinspeed Retail Software

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Tailored ERP Software Solutions for Retail Industries

While Sage 200 works perfectly straight out of the box, we know that no two retail companies are the same. Tailoring your ERP system to your specific business requirements will make your investment even more worthwhile. Bespoke integration mean your retail ERP software is working at 100% efficiency; simplifying every task across your day-to-day business operations, unlocking business agility and increasing your profit.

With over 20 years experience in developing and implementing Sage solutions for retail companies, we’ve seen the difference it can make. Why make the investment and use an ERP system that doesn’t align with your business processes? Instead, we can help you to implement a bespoke Sage 200 solution that will work for you.

We’ve helped numerous companies, some large and some small, to leverage the full capabilities of their retail ERP systems, including Slimming World and PRETTYLITTLETHING. Plus, with Sage 200 training and support services too, we’re always on hand to ensure you and your team members are getting the most out of your software.

Want to learn more? Discover how we can develop Sage 200 to work specifically for your retail business with our Sage development services.

Considering purchasing Sage 200 for your retail business? Why not request a free software demo below for an in-depth look at its capabilities and discover how it can benefit you.

Our friendly team of experts are always on hand for advice and guidance, ensuring you have all the necessary information before signing up. So, contact us today for more information, or download the Sage 200 brochure to discover more.

Proven adaptability for rapid growth

Automated data entry saves time and reduces errors

Fully scalable solutions for high or low order volumes

With integration between systems, fully comprehensive data is always available in real-time dashboards

Configured and customised to  suit each retail environment

Upgrading Your Existing Retail ERP System

If you’ve found that your existing ERP software can no longer handle your growing business demands, you have a couple of options. Most ERP systems are customisable, so you could try purchasing add-ons in the hopes it helps in keeping up with your requirements. Or you can upgrade your existing software to a more comprehensive and suitable option.

At Kinspeed, our team have helped numerous businesses who found they had outgrown their current ERP software. For example, BooHoo began their journey using Sage 50, a perfectly adequate software choice that suited their requirements at the time. As they gained success and moved into multiple locations, Sage 50, designed for small business, could no longer handle the huge amount of orders they were receiving. We then helped BooHoo to upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200 and customised the software to suit their specific retail needs.

If you’re considering upgrading your ERP software to Sage 200, book your free consultation now and speak to an expert regarding your business needs – our friendly team are always here to help!

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