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There are two main variants of Sage 200, standard and professional, and both variations will provide a highly extensible and customisable service.

Sage 200 Standard

This Sage 200 standard package is a cloud-based solution which facilitates future business development. The modules included in this Sage 200 package are: Financials, Bill of Materials (BOM), Commercials, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Microsoft 365 Integration, Payments and Reporting & Analysis. 

Sage 200 Professional

The Sage 200 professional package combines the standard modules with Manufacturing and Project Accounting. These additional Sage 200 modules are better suited to larger companies with a more complex business structure.

We know that every company is different and that your business needs will develop as your company grows. Therefore, our modular service means that you can pick from the integrated solutions and choose which are most relevant for your business. 

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The Sage 200 Financials module is a core component native to all Sage 200 packages and will provide insight into your business’s health. Other features include; 

  • Accounts Control. Open, close and re-open up to 20 accounting periods based on the company’s needs. 
  • Bank Reconciliation. Increase accuracy and automate bank statements and transactions with Sage 200. 
  • VAT Control. VAT inclusive and exclusive prices whilst ensuring compliance with HMRC’s regulations. 
  • Nominal Codes. Flexible, in-depth analysis and reporting to guarantee accurate and up-to-date accounts. 
  • Cash Flow. Understand your short-term and long-term financial position. 
  • Quality Reporting. Forecast and budget projects, suppliers and customers through comprehensive industry reports.
  • Currency Control. Manage exchange rates to maximise interest across cash books and reports. 
  • Interactive Dashboard. An interactive business intelligence tool provides a clear view of sales, purchases, orders, and financials. 


The Sage 200 Bill of Materials module provides a tool to understand stock levels relating to production lines and can be used in collaboration with the manufacturing module to generate works and sales orders. You can monitor, control and cost the manufacturing process, which is an excellent tool for businesses with light manufacturing. 

  • Streamline Processes. Split your business into distinct areas and produce reports. 
  • Track Supply Chain Activities. Provide maximum efficiency and productivity of staff to increase profitability. 
  • Reduce Costs. Accurate resource planning to recognise opportunities for savings and reduction in production costs. 


The Commercials module for Sage 200 is another core module utilised by businesses. Sage 200 Commercials contains four key modules that help manage your customer orders and maintain healthy stock control. The modules include Sales Order Processing, Price Book, Stock Control and Purchase Order Processing.

  • Worldwide Capabilities. Purchase goods in up to 100 currencies worldwide and track costs for imported goods through purchase orders (PO). 
  • Client Journey Data. Invaluable data is stored from initial enquiry to sales orders, including addresses and price negotiations, to ensure your business runs smoothly. 
  • Efficient Control of Stock. Track and manage your stock levels, batch/serial numbers and pricing information in one platform to monitor traceability and stock movement. This allows more accurate control and optimisation based on your stock quantity and ‘use by’ or ‘sell by’ dates on products. 
  • Supplier Management. This service tracks pricing, lead times and purchase history to ensure your business receives the best deals from suppliers. 
  • Multi-Location Control. Independently manage various business locations through up-to-date reports which track stock take, replenishments and sales. This will provide insight into inactive stock items and product history to identify opportunities for the business to optimise and improve. 


Sage 200 and Sage CRM integrate seamlessly to manage customer relationships and provide the best quality service and support. A fully deployable system which provides a comprehensive workflow capability; collaboratively working with your accounting and stock processes to contribute to a complete understanding of your customers. 

  • Customer Service Performance. You can monitor and track communications, customer resolution times and volume through visual reports, making it easy for your team to understand.  
  • Insight Driven Management. Sage 200 capabilities help towards your sales performance optimisation through pre-configured alerts for management to track KPIs. Whilst providing interactive dashboards which illustrate insight and trend analysis in combination with innovative workflows to suit your business needs. 
  • Strong Relationships. The combination of financial, commercial and communications data helps provide your team with full customer history, ensuring consistent and effective service and positive user journeys. 
  • Understand Your Customers. Your service team have access to leads, contacts, opportunities and qualifications to provide an exceptional service with up-to-date information. 
  • FAQs. Build an in-house knowledge bank to store FAQs, ensuring efficient service from your customer service teams to the end consumers. 


Sage 200 combines with Microsoft 365 and Excel to enable your team to work on the go and access key information with easy and simple management. 

  • Excel Reporting. Fully customisable Excel reporting, which filters, formats and formulates data in an easy and seamless way. This integration supplies data in a design you are familiar with to ensure efficient analysis of up-to-date figures. 
  • Power Platform Connector. Capability to automate business processes and tasks across various applications for your team. 
  • Collaboration. Your organisation can share and collaborate on projects by using Microsoft’s cloud-compliant environment. Enabling you to make decisions on the go, from any device, to ensure your business productivity is maximised. 


Partnering with GoCardless, Stripe and Paypal, Sage 200 provides an effortless service to ensure on-time invoice payments. Giving you the freedom to focus on your customer relationships and maximising your business potential. 

  • Automation. Payments are automatically linked to your invoices to provide faster and clearer reconciliation. 
  • E-Invoicing with Opayo. The ability to provide multiple payment methods with 24/7 support and integrated fraud prevention tools. 
  • Sage Salary and Supplier Payments. Streamline all domestic and international payments through your accounts software. 
  • Convenience. Access your payment information anytime, anywhere, from your mobile or tablet and process payments on the go. 


Create customised reports and dashboards to gain instant insights into your business through Sage Intelligence. Available on-premise and in the cloud, providing the platform to mine your data and inform future business decisions. 

  • Business Intelligence (BI). Understand and measure performance against benchmarks whilst reviewing KPIs, potential business opportunities, identifying risks and increasing productivity across the team. 
  • Power BI. Analyse your company through Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence), which interactively visualises your data for all user capabilities. 
  • Excel Integration. Report and analyse data in Excel to easily interpret information about your business performance. 


An optional module provided by Sage 200 professional is manufacturing. Sicon manufacturing seamlessly integrates with Sage 200 and enables businesses to control, monitor and streamline their processes and systems, leading to improved efficiencies and profitability. 

  • Sicon Projects. Integration with purchase ledger, standard operating procedure (SOP), point of purchase (POP) and works order processing. 
  • Works Order Processing. The capability to amend work orders during production and assembly whilst simplifying the stock allocation and issuing process. 
  • Capacity Planning Module. Providing insight into the visibility of machine and labour resources to plan upcoming projects accordingly.  
  • Cross-Departmental Collaboration. The ability to work from a single unified platform for your team to unify the business. 


Another optional module as part of the professional Sage 200 services is project accounting. Project accounting provides the tools to maximise your profits and control costs will all projects that you manage. 

  • Precise and Flexible Billing. Templates are provided to automate and simplify billing management to save resources and time. This billing structure will also improve the accuracy of project costs and encourage on-time payments. 
  • Project Tracking. Track multiple areas of your business through time management and materials to identify areas of the company which could be optimised to save time and costs. 
  • Resource Management. The ability to collect timesheet data and expenses remotely and automate payments through authorisation processes. Sage 200 provides the tools to analyse expenditure for each project, employee or contractor and facilitates viewing, authorising and printing timesheets online.
  • Work In Progress (WIP). Enabling control of project costs through associated nominal codes in the P&L for agencies or contractors. 

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