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Manufacturing software comprises a single business management system to connect and streamline an entire manufacturing operation. Process automation reduces lead times and eradicates shopfloor bottlenecks. Stock availability is consistent – across multiple sites and currencies – for market-leading customer experience.

From sales and the shop floor to planning and logistics, every department, manufacturing site and process is fully integrated in real-time:

Finance and Forecasting

Sales and



MRP and

Inventory and

Service and

Manufacturing is a highly competitive sector. Outdated processes, cost fluctuations, and skilled labour shortages create uncertainty and erode margin. Manufacturers must remain agile to navigate external forces, deliver innovation, and keep pace with customer expectations. True business agility is only possible with the support of an industry-specific, futureproofed software system.

When it comes to manufacturing software, one size does not fit all. Every manufacturer is unique, with individual methodologies and internal challenges. System capabilities are designed to meet business-specific needs, scalable and adaptable as manufacturer requirements evolve.

Combining ERP and MRP System Benefits

ERP – enterprise resource planning – software connects disparate applications, removes manual intervention, and accelerates and refines processes. Connected software ensures data is collated in real-time, within a single system. Manual intervention, such as rekeying data from a spreadsheet, is eradicated.

The benefits of fully integrated ERP are far reaching:

Add to this the benefits of MRP – material requirements planning – software which streamlines production planning and gathers a wealth of data to monitor and continually improve processes.

The bill of materials is calculated automatically for every works order scheduled via integrated MRP software:

Integrating ERP with MRP means the entire manufacturing organisation is on the same page, at every moment of every day. Combining the benefits of ERP and MRP software will, ultimately, have the greatest effect on customer service quality, and on the balance sheet.

“Before we were making decisions on hunches. With NetSuite, we can really see and analyse our business drivers and make informed decisions.”

Expertly Implemented Manufacturing Software

The modern manufacturing business is not run using technology alone. It remains a people-focused sector. Expertly integrated manufacturing software frees up time and resource to focus on innovation and decision making, leveraging the benefits of technology.

Kinspeed manufacturing software is developed and implemented by a team dedicated to industry-specific software solutions. Manufacturing ERP solves industry challenges unique to manufacturers and enables business to grow, scale, and adapt to change.

Manufacturing software implementation process:

1. Business review
2. Unique specification
3. Build and migrate
4. Configure and train
5. Ongoing support

Manufacturing software is developed and implemented using real-life industry experience, designed to meet dynamic needs of individual manufacturers. Kinspeed combine the benefits of off-the-shelf ERP software, including Sage and NetSuite, with software development expertise. Any functionality ‘gaps’ and third-party applications, such as courier software, are integrated to create a full end-to-end solution.

Kinspeed seamlessly integrate all ERP modules and relevant add-ons. This includes e-commerce order management, multi-site inventory, CRM, and SFDC, to name a few.
The solution streamlines critical processes, delivering the best result for each individual business.

Automated planning

Reduced lead-times

Consistent availability

Bottlenecks eradicated

Improved customer experience

Custom Configuration

Part of the manufacturing software implementation process is configuring the role-based user interface, at department or individual level. The wide-ranging scope of software configuration includes alerts and reminders for timely completion of tasks, and automation of custom reports.

Easily available data via role-based dashboard configuration can have a dramatic affect across departments. Everyday challenges such as cash flow and the lengthy process of reconciling figures at month-end, are no longer an issue when operating with integrated manufacturing software.

Not only does custom configuration eliminate many hours of administration every month, but it also helps deliver competitive customer experience. End-to-end integration supports a business to operate at the speed of user

expectations and offers a level of support which customers value.

Learn more about ERP software development, support, and training:

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