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Sage 200 is an ERP software which provides a single solution to connect and streamline all areas of your manufacturing business. Integrating this powerful and intuitive system will not only increase production control and maximise productivity, but you will futureproof your business development.

When it comes to manufacturing software, one size does not fit all. Every business is unique, with individual methodologies and internal challenges. As a result, system capabilities are designed to meet business-specific needs, which are scalable and adaptable as your requirements evolve.

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What is manufacturing ERP & MRP software?

Sage 200 is an enterprise resource planning tool (ERP) which provides a streamlined and innovative approach to business management. ERP best describes software which integrates all your business and financial processes into one complete system. Streamlining how your organisation runs and aiding in effectively disseminating information throughout your team. This is achieved through connecting disparate applications, removing manual interventions and refining processes. In addition, the synchronicity of automated reports will provide more accurate and up-to-date data so your team can better understand  business performance.

Software specifically designed for a manufacturing business uses the term MRP – Material Requirements Planning. MRP systems will help your business to control operations, take advantage of commercial opportunities, ensure consistent quality and increase profits. This MRP software will also calculate resource requirements from demand data and provide your team with appropriate deadlines to keep projects on time.

The bill of materials is calculated automatically for every works order scheduled via integrated MRP software:Required materials and sub-assemblies

  • Estimated and actual production time
  • Machine loadings and capacity
  • Shop floor data capture
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • An accurate picture of costs and timings

Integrating ERP with MRP means the entire manufacturing organisation is on the same page every moment of every day. Combining the benefits of this software will significantly affect customer service quality and the balance sheet.

Manufacturing benefits of Sage 200

The Sage 200 manufacturing module provides a highly successful MRP system for manufacturing companies. Delivering the tools to control materials, labour and the manufacturing process. This enables you to track supply chain activities to maintain maximum productivity and reduce waste for your business. Some other benefits are:


This functionality applies to various applications such as machine costs, tooling, sub-contracts and order processing.

Cloud-based Connectivity

The capability to access real-time business data anytime, anywhere and from any device. As Sage 200 is entirely cloud-based, you can assign employees to role-specific dashboards to increase efficiency and job satisfaction.

Increased Profitability

Understand what stage projects are at, the costs and their profitability. Improve stock management and increase cash flow with visibility at every step of the manufacturing process.

Sage 200 Manufacturing Capabilities

In 2020, Sage 200 partnered with Sicon to offer the Sicon manufacturing modules as part of the professional suite. Sicon is a third-party developer for Sage, and this software can be used in collaboration with the standard Sage 200 modules.

Sicon projects are designed for small and large-scale bespoke manufacturing businesses due to the customisability of the configurations. For example, you can link this with WOP (works order processing) to track materials and labour and allocate stock to specific jobs. Furthermore, this data can accurately measure actual v budget spending for each stage and analyse profitability.

As a complex business, Sage MRP will provide the data so you can track and minimise: Overproduction, Time-delays, Unnecessary Movement of stock, Over-processing, Excessive Inventory and Product Defects. 

Through innovative analytical tools and resource planning, you can control business costs, produce stock only when needed, increase ROI and improve efficiency.

You can also apply this trend analysis to specific team members to identify productivity, worker fatigue and working hours. Time and attendance of staff can also be managed through the Sicon manufacturing WAP or Timesheet module. This data is recorded directly into your web interface to provide detailed summaries of each job. This data can be applied to future production planning for better business optimisation.

In addition to tracking your staff, materials and machinery are just as crucial. The ability to track previous machine faults and plan for future maintenance will help keep your business running smoothly without any unexpected failures. You can also access essential data on a machine’s production quality, quantity, and availability of spare parts. The capabilities of this software extend to raw materials, work-in-progress parts (WIP) and final products to share insight for inventory replenishment. This MRP (material and resource planning) tool works with the Sage 200 BOM (bill of materials) to generate real-time, centralised data for work orders and machine volume. This critical information can help eradicate bottlenecks within your warehouse and guarantee your team is meeting deadlines.

Key manufacturing features of Sage 200

Investing in specialist MRP software provides end-to-end visibility and control throughout your business. Sage 200 is built using the latest .NET platform and SQL database to overcome complex business challenges. Providing you with out-of-the-box tailored solutions and creating an enterprise-wide management software system.
Manufacturing system software will automate time-consuming business activities such as customer resource management (CRM), procurement and production planning. It will provide the tools to execute projects successfully from beginning to end and accurately measure ROI and business efficiency. A key objective for companies within the manufacturing industry is to hit targets and dispatch products on time for clients and consumers. With Sage 200, you can streamline and standardise production scheduling whilst supporting assembly lines, bulk orders and materials.
Another feature of Sage 200 is innovative reporting, which means staff members can access accurate information anytime. This means that various teams within your business can work collaboratively and understand each project’s stage. You can also improve the traceability of products through serial numbers and batches to keep them in line with quality standards and regulations.

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Transform your company with Sage Manufacturing Software

Modern manufacturing requires staff and technology to work seamlessly together to improve business processes. Although technology is essential, the value of your team is also incredibly important. Therefore you need a solution which will remove the manual repetition to ensure your staff can focus their time on other, more profitable areas within their roles.

Online Working

Cloud-based software ensures all employees and projects are working towards the same goal. In addition, these platforms create streamlined workflows between team members to increase productivity and improve real-time collaboration. Which, in time, improves internal communication so your focus can remain on delivering for clients and customers.

Consistently Delivering

Introducing specialist systems for your manufacturing company at small, medium and large scale can result in competitive advantage for your business. You have the ability to guarantee consistent quality throughout your manufacturing process by minimising risks, and possible product recalls. As a result, you can meet and exceed customer expectations and strategically react to opportunities.

Control Costs

Supply chain visibility can ultimately highlight areas within your business which could be optimised to save money. These supply chain insights will work together with scenario planning and forecasting to proactively prepare your business against logistical issues. This goal-orientated approach ensures your manufacturing process is constantly striving for efficiency, growth and development.

Signs you need a manufacturing ERP system

This information may sound exciting and interesting, but how do you know whether your company needs an ERP or MRP system? We know it can be easy to revert to the older ways of thinking, as that may have worked for you previously. However, with technological advancements, traditional business decision-making is adapting, and organisations must also adapt. Implementing new technology will assist in the development of your team and reduce business costs whilst increasing profits.

We have accumulated some common reasons why manufacturing businesses upgrade to Sage 200 to help you with your decision.

Common Reasons Manufacturing Companies Upgrade to Sage 200

  • Lack of Visibility of Critical Data – The data you need is not there, or there are data discrepancies or duplications due to human errors. 
  • Increase in Demand – Other ERP systems can limit data. Possibility of hindering your current and future growth with basic capabilities. 
  • Employee Complaints – Outdated software with limited functionality can cause pain points for your employees and cost your business time and resources to manage. 
  • Tedious and Manual Reporting – Staff manually completing various Excel spreadsheets on different computers is time-consuming. You also risk vital data not being fully up-to-date. 
  • No Centralised Software or Processes – Every department or location may use various software, apps and hard drives to store data. Therefore having every team member on the same page is difficult.

If you have noticed any of the above problems within your business, Sage 200 can help automate and manage data in one cloud-based solution. For more information, please call 01246 437000, and we can organise your free, no-obligation consultation.

Manufacturing Software

Grow your manufacturing business with Sage 200

We understand that managing supply chain activities can be challenging, and things can go wrong. However, if your current ERP system is hindering your business growth and causing issues within the organisation, you risk damaging your brand and affecting relationships.

Investing in Sage 200 software allows you to access real-time data through powerful analytical tools. These tools help your business to understand current performance and make informed strategic decisions. This software will also validate your most lucrative products, project delays, and excess inventory so you can adjust your strategy to increase profitability.

Every manufacturing business is different. Combined with this industry constantly evolving and becoming increasingly automated, you need an ERP system that is right for you. By upgrading your ERP software, you will receive a bespoke package that seamlessly integrates into your business. In addition, you will have the freedom to customise this package to match your requirements and futureproof your business strategically. 

Tailored ERP software solutions for manufacturing industries

The modern manufacturing business does not rely on technology alone. It remains a people-focused sector. Therefore integrating manufacturing software will free up resources so your team can focus on innovation and decision-making. Leveraging the benefits of technology with proactive staff management.

Kinspeed manufacturing software is developed and implemented by a team dedicated to industry-specific software solutions. As a result, manufacturing ERP solves industry challenges unique to manufacturers and enables businesses to grow, scale, and adapt to change.

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This manufacturing software is developed and implemented using real-life industry experience, designed to meet the dynamic needs of individual manufacturers. Kinspeed combines the benefits of off-the-shelf ERP software, including Sage, with software development expertise. Any functionality ‘gaps’ and third-party applications, such as courier software, are integrated to create a complete end-to-end solution. Visit our Sage development service for more information on how Sage 200 can facilitate your manufacturing business.

At Kinspeed, we also offer extensive Sage 200 training and support packages to suit your requirements. We want you to get the most value from your investment, so we are here to facilitate your growth and fully immerse you in this new software. Furthermore, we provide alternative ERP solutions such as Sage Intacct.

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