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A better way to manage customer relationships

What is Sage CRM?

Sage CRM software is a user-friendly system to track and manage prospects, leads, and customers throughout the sales, marketing and customer service cycle. Businesses implement CRM software to turn valuable customer information into profitable relationships.

Sage CRM gives access to complete customer history, data, and interactions to facilitate cross-department collaboration. As a result, customer campaigns are highly effective and produce shorter sales cycles. Customer profitability can be tracked accurately, in real-time, when Sage CRM is connected to a Sage 200 business accounting system.

Integrating your CRM system with Sage 200 provides exceptional visibility into stock processes, gives an informed view of your customer and helps sales, marketing and customer service departments have a birds-eye view of the customer they are dealing with.

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Automate processes

Accurate, real-time insight

Cross-department collaboration

Track customer profitability

Market-leading customer experience

What are the features of Sage CRM?

Sage CRM supports the delivery of a world-class customer experience. Managing customers using a single, cohesive system allows sales, marketing, and service teams to track and manage customer relationships, eliminating duplication collaboratively.

Sage CRM users nurture relationships from prospects to repeat customers. A wide range of functions deliver the highest quality service and support:

Automate Tasks Insight Tools Process Management KPI Tracking
Call volumes
Opportunity alerts
Case resolution
Integrate apps
Interaction scheduling
SLA performance

Sales and service teams have full access to a complete customer picture and end-to-end view of all interactions. In addition, Sage CRM software automates core tasks across the customer lifecycle, generating alerts when a process is overdue or notifications when an opportunity arises.

Advanced workflows guide sales, marketing, and service teams through a defined process to guarantee timely and consistent service for every customer. Team performance improves with clearly defined parameters and user-friendly dashboards, nurturing a collaborative culture.

Service performance across departments is easily tracked. For example, managers can monitor call volume and length and track case resolution times and follow-up statistics.

Sage CRM software facilitates tracking performance against service level agreement (SLA) to ensure account managers are fully informed and prepared for every client meeting.

Contact Nurturing​

CRMs are built to nurture customers throughout every step of the journey. So whether the lead is cold, warm or hot, you'll have a history of data allowing salespeople to be prepared before meetings or on the go using mobile-based cloud technology. Gather information about contacts such as name, birthday, purchases, engagement, or relevant input data.

Customer Data

Using a central database, you'll access a history of information on your customers, including email communication, order history, quotes received, accepted, denied, calls logged, and support cases dealt with. This level of customer data makes decision-making around sales, marketing and customer service a piece of cake.

Sales Automation

Automating many of the day-to-day tasks for the sales process using Sage CRM can improve efficiency. Tasks like customer management, forecasting, processing and call scheduling remove the need for salespeople to perform administrative tasks so they can focus on the things that matter, sales!

Lead Management

Sage CRM allows you to manage a lead from the initial touchpoint, whether a contact form enquiry, phone call, or referral, all the way through to customer acquisition. Maintaining communication with a prospect at every stage of the cycle allows for optimisations to be made to unprofitable activities.


Using a CRM will aid your marketing activities as you can create customer resources and funnels for every aspect of the customer sales journey. In addition, you can integrate Sage CRM with email marketing software like Mailchimp to ensure offers and promotions are carefully targeted to the correct customers.

Customer Service

Dealing with customer service requests can be challenging without software keeping you on track. Gain a complete understanding of the status of requests, success rates and satisfaction of customers. All this data at your fingertips allows changes to be made to your customer service processes to further benefit customers.


The reporting features built into Sage CRM provide a detailed understanding of your sales, marketing and customer service departments. One of the fantastic features of CRM software is the ability to measure results based on set KPIs.

Slimming World upgraded to Sage 200 ERP with Sage CRM, web and order fulfilment software integration, to deliver profitable, market-leading customer experience.

What are the benefits of Sage CRM?

Sage CRM provides a fully integrated solution that releases valuable time across departments. As a result, teams spend less time hunting for information and manually updating spreadsheets, creating more time to develop profitable relationships.

  • Customer service teams can use the Sage CRM to aid excellent customer service, manage cases, track problems from start to resolution and provide extensive support reports through the customer support portal.
  • Sales teams are connected to inventory and order fulfilment for improved speed and accuracy. They also have access to contact information and account management data at the click of a button. Sale forecasting and the ability to create quotes direct from the CRM are other benefits.
  • Marketing teams can track campaigns, from email marketing to order fulfilment. Other capabilities of the CRM software for marketing teams include the ability to score leads, track website activity, target specific groups with tailored marketing material and introduce advanced workflows.

Sage Business Partner Kinspeed has over 20 years’ experience implementing Sage CRM software. and with our in-house .NET development expertise, we can support the integration of existing and custom software products, like warehouse scanners or third-party logistics applications.


CRM stands for customer relationship management, and it typically refers to software or processes put in place by a business to aid administration tasks and track customer information.


There is a range of different CRM systems that a business can implement, but here at Kinspeed, we're absolute advocates of Sage CRM. Our experience of using other platforms has taught us that non are as scalable and flexible as Sage. The ability to store an overview of your customer and set up automation and notifications to take action at different stages of a customer's journey proves highly profitable.

Many are often surprised to find that Sage has an internal CRM system. However, if you're already using a Sage solution, using a CRM system that seamlessly integrates with your accounting software makes perfect sense.


Thousands of businesses trust Sage CRM in various industries to improve profitability, and accountability, generate marketing campaigns and improve customer service experience.

Yes, Sage CRM is entirely cloud-based, allowing you to access customer data on the go. So if your salesperson is on the way to a meeting, they'll still be able to access to vital customer information using a portable device.


The CRM system can be on-premise, meaning installed directly onto a PC or based in the cloud for complete visibility of data no matter where your team are.

Kinspeed has a dedicated support team supporting Sage software solutions, including any CRM systems on Sage. We're capable of providing support packages to cover all aspects of Sage CRM, including integration into existing accounting software and processes.


Our support extends to onsite and online training packages to help you get the most out of your software.

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Sage CRM

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