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We specialise in Sage 200 Development: creating bespoke solutions to incorporate your preferred practices and procedures and make the Sage system work for you.

Having helped hundreds of customers over the years, we know that every business is unique. Fortunately, one of the main reasons for Sage 200’s popularity is its customisability. By utilising development, you can unlock extra features and modules for Sage 200, tailoring its functions to your company and therefore unlocking its full potential.

So, to help you get the most out of your investment, we offer expert Sage 200 Development services designed to create your perfect ERP system tailored uniquely to your business and requirements. 

Our expert developers have been helping businesses to leverage the full capabilities of their business management software for over 20 years, incorporating industry-specific add-ons and implementing custom solutions to meet your unique requirements. 

If you’re looking for a tailored ERP system that works for you, then you can benefit from our Sage 200 Development capabilities.

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What is Sage 200 Development?

Sage 200 Development is essentially our way of customising the Sage 200 software to ensure that your ERP system is the perfect fit for your business. Of course, every business is inherently different, with different requirements and processes, and Sage 200 can be customised to fit these perfectly.

So, to help tailor Sage 200 to perfectly suit your business, our developers integrate a wide range of software applications, including third-party carrier software and Kinspeed products such as FastDespatch and AutoQuotes

Our team of experienced experts, approved by Sage, also carry out programming and bespoke developments allowing them to tailor the software directly to your business requirements. Additionally, we will configure the software to suit your practices, customising the interface, windows, and modules to fit the needs of your employees.

As part of our Sage 200 Development services, we also offer data migration to allow a smooth and stress-free transition from your existing business management solution to Sage 200. Plus, we deliver Sage 200 Integration assistance to combine the software with any existing business systems in place.

Our Sage 200 Development services are designed to further enhance the efficiency of Sage 200 by removing existing complexities and streamlining operations to encourage business growth.

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Our Sage 200 Development Process

For us to create a bespoke version of Sage 200 designed specifically to meet your requirements, we must first understand exactly what it is you want to achieve. What would your ideal system look like? What do you need it to do for you? In-depth discussions with our experts will help us to unlock your vision and therefore define our objectives.

Once we have all the information we need, we’ll begin planning out the work we shall undertake, creating a timeline and budget to stick to. Of course, improving your ERP system will always involve costs; however, we will work with you to justify all costs and provide an ROI on any proposals.

Once we’ve got the approval from you, our expert team of .NET developers will begin working their magic, adhering to the schedule and budget we agreed.

We will perform rigorous testing on your software to ensure it fulfils its requirements and meets our high standards before handing it over to you. Our support team will then help you to familiarise yourself with your brand new, bespoke business management software, offering remote and on-site training where necessary.

Upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200

Scalable, future-proofed business management

Integrated e-commerce, 3LP and EPOS

Automated processes

Integrated inventory management software

Product matrix management

Sage 200 training and support

Why Choose Kinspeed as your Sage 200 Developer?

As one of the first ever Sage Partners here in the UK, we’ve been providing Sage Development services for over 20 years, developing tailored Sage solutions for a wide range of businesses. With a team made up of expert .NET developers, ERP specialists and business consultants, we have the necessary real-world experience and industry-specific knowledge to help you grow your business.

During these years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some top brands, including PrettyLittleThing and Slimming World, using our Sage Development services to leverage the full capabilities of their business management software to stay ahead of the curve and drive growth.

Check out our case studies below to see how we developed the perfect ERP solution for each brand:

Sage 200 Development Case Studies

Slimming World needed an upgrade to their outdated ERP system in order to keep up with an increase in demand. To do so, we combined Sage 200 with Kinspeed products using our Sage 200 Development services to create a unified system with automated processes.

  • Eliminated manual data entry by integrating website orders using Sage 200 ERP
  • Implemented handheld scanners & FastDespatch in the warehouse and integrated real-time data with Sage200
  • Created an SOR stock management system
  • Designed one-click automation to eliminate manual address entry

The Underwood Meat Company, a perishable food company, came to us with a need to reduce human errors in order to fulfil orders, increase profitability, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

  • We designed, developed and implemented FastDespatch – an order picking and validation solution from Kinspeed
  • Developed a time and weight sensitive integration to manage orders
  • Integrated barcode scanning, sales orders, and product and case weight tracking with Sage 200 to create a seamless process, reducing human error and improving their margins

PRETTYLITTLETHING needed help with bespoke solutions to allow them to keep up with the extensive and rapid growth they were witnessing. Sage 50 could no longer keep up with their demands, so we created a bespoke Sage 200 ERP solution.

  • Upgraded from Sage 50 to Sage 200, transferring data seamlessly
  • Integrated a bespoke web order software, WebExtra, to eradicate the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and removing an out-of-office hours delay
  • Incorporated RetailExtra to manage the product matrix and hierarchy
  • Added FastDespatch to Sage 200 to reduce picking & packing errors
  • Implemented Metapack to eliminate manual actions from order fulfilment processes

boohoo, running on Sage 50 and an unconnected POS, were struggling to keep up with the demands and rapid growth they were experiencing. Limited by their current ERP system, they came to us at Kinspeed for a bespoke solution.

  • Upgrading from Sage 50 to Sage 200 without a loss of data meant they could now keep up with the increased number of orders they were getting
  • We implemented FastDespatch, creating a unique inventory management software to suit their fast-fashion requirements
  • We added on WebExtra to directly import orders into the Sage system from the website
  • Incorporated third-party logistics software into the bespoke Sage ERP

Could your business benefit from a bespoke ERP solution? Of course it could! Contact us today to discuss your requirements with the team in a free consultation and see how we can help you. 

"The team at Kinspeed have supported us through rapid growth, taking time to understand our business requirements and providing effective solutions to meet our needs. We partner with them to support and maintain our Sage 200 ERP solution."
Leanne Clancy

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The Benefits of Sage 200 Development

Developing your Sage 200 software to fit your specific needs has a wide range of benefits, as listed below. However, it’s important to remember that the main reason for developing your Sage 200 software is to tailor it to your business. Therefore, a number of benefits will be industry-specific or unique to your company.

Seamlessly upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200 to deal with an increase in sales and orders or multiple facilities

Remove the errors that occur thanks to manual data entry with bespoke automations to suit your processes

Streamline your stock and inventory management with third-party integrations and handheld scanners

Integrate your e-Commerce platform with Sage 200, including WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify

Communicate directly with third-party logistics to reduce delivery errors

Integrate your CRM so your staff always have the data they need available at their fingertips

Customise your interface to suit your staff and their requirements

Increase productivity by automating various processes within your bespoke Sage 200 software

Overall, the main reason for implementing a bespoke ERP system is to achieve complete business visibility and encourage growth and success. Our development services ensure that your Sage ERP software performs perfectly for you and your company – not the other way around.

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