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Enhanced Sage ERP with Draycir

Kinspeed integrate a range of Sage additions to enhance functionality of Sage 200 and Sage 50.

Automating Sage processes with integrated software add-ons reduces administrative tasks and eliminates the margin for error.

Every business is unique. It is not always possible to find a single, off-the-shelf software solution to fulfil the entire spectrum of requirements in each individual organisation. This is where Sage additions come in. Fully integrated with the core ERP software, Sage add-ons bridge any functionality ‘gaps’ of a standard software package.

Maximise the value of your Sage accounting software with powerful enhancements from Draycir, including advanced credit control software and document management software solutions.

Sage 200 Add-Ons

Enhance your Sage ERP implementation with a range of Sage 200 add-ons from Draycir. Integration of Sage additions ensures manual intervention is eliminated, with real-time collation of data from business processes.

Credit Control

Data Transfer

Document Distribution

Document Management

Report Scheduling

Self Service Portal

Credit Control Software

Draycir Credit Hound is an advanced credit control software add-on designed to integrate with Sage ERP. Credit Hound automates credit control processes, resulting in faster payments and consistent, predictable cash flow. Proactive credit control avoids issues of debt caused by payment delays.

Shift the balance of credit control activity from predominantly administrative tasks to active payment chasing. Gain an instant picture of credit management status with Credit Hound’s easy to use dashboard. Automated rules and actions ensure every stakeholder receives consistent reminders to make payment. Overdue accounts automatically go on stop and are added to the live ‘late payments to chase’ list.

Get paid faster with advanced credit control software:

Automation Dashboard Integration Reporting
Payment reminders
Chase screen
Sage 50
Overdue accounts
To-Do list
Sage 200
Real-time data
Dispute tracking
Real-time accounts view
Online payments
No manual data entry
Late payments
Real-time aged debtor
Pay now button

Report Scheduling Software

Get the right information, at the right time, with Draycir Report Scheduling software. Reduce reliance on manual intervention and automate the generation and distribution of business reports.

Part of a range of Sage 200 add-ons, Spindle Report Scheduling software is one of the most effective methods to reduce administration. Augmenting standard ERP reporting features, report scheduling software provides highly efficient automated report delivery.

Spindle Report Scheduler captures individual preferences ensuring all recipients receive data in their preferred format. Accessing the full scope of historical business data, Spindle report scheduling software collates data from multiple sources, in real-time.

Harness the efficiency benefits of report scheduling software:

Data Transfer Software

Streamline the transfer of Microsoft Excel data to Sage 200 with data transfer software. Save time and avoid errors with an automated spreadsheet data solution.

Draycir Excel Data Bridge enables data to be entered and manipulated within Excel, then automatically posts it directly into the core Sage ERP. Integrated data transfer software reduces administrative tasks associated with manually rekeying data into a separate business management system. Automated data transfer frees up time to focus on higher value tasks.

The margin for error is high when manually entering data into Sage. Excel Data Bridge avoids error through software integration and automation.

Have confidence in Sage data integrity:

Accounts Sales Purchasing Inventory
PO creation
Stock records
Batch data
Cash (SL & PL)
Stock transfers
Project cost
Reduced admin
Accurate inventory

Document Management Software

Gain complete control of documents being transferred in and out of Sage 200, with Draycir Document Distribution and Spindle Document Management software. Ideal for organisations looking to improve accounting processes and increase efficiency through automation with their Sage integration.

Spindle Document Management software supports the transfer of document batches – via email or printing for post – with automatic allocation of archive data against the relevant translation record in Sage. Conversely, incoming documents can be scanned and imported to Sage via Spindle Document Management.

Using optical technology, Spindle features template-free OCR software to automate invoice processes, at line-item level, into the Sage ERP. Furthermore, documents can be captured with an iOS or Android mobile device. This feature allows non-Sage users to capture documents on the go – ideal for delivery drivers to manage delivery notes or damaged goods.

Increase efficiency with workflow automation:

Self Service Portal Software

Take customer and employee experience to the next level with Spindle self service portal software from Draycir. Ready to integrate with Sage 200, Spindle Self-Serve is a user-friendly online portal for staff and customers. Self-service provides real-time access to financial data, orders and invoices, inventory, and proof of delivery information.

For many businesses self-service is, increasingly, the preferred method to manage supplier relationships. Ideal to reduce administration and speed up payments, self service portal software improves the quality of service while reducing the volume of customer queries.

Complete accessibility and reduced complexity with self service portal software:

Business Benefits Customer Benefits
Real-time customer account view
24/7 access via any device
Remote, multi-device access
Easy-to-use dashboard
Reduce query resolution time
Order status and invoices
Streamlined stock & order process
Download and print documents
In-system business promo pop-ups
View stock and place orders
“Our customers can now see live stock availability and place orders without needing to contact us.”
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