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What is Sage 200?

Sage 200 ERP software delivers a robust business management solution to fuel sustainable growth. Incorporating financials, commercials, customers, supply chain and business intelligence, Sage 200 gives complete business visibility.

With full implementation by Kinspeed, a leading Sage Business Partner, Sage 200 is customisable and flexible. Suitable for small, medium and large businesses who are looking to integrate processes and use a software solution with the capability to grow as the business grows.

Connect Processes

Single Business View

Multiple Currencies

Multiple Stock Locations

Build Workflows

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Key features of Sage 200

Sage 200 is a scalable software solution with a flexible modular approach which provides efficient cost control.

Cloud connectivity offers Sage 200 users freedom to access data from any device, at any time, from any location – ideal for remote workers needing quick access to business insights.


The Sage 200 Financials module is a core module native to all Sage 200 packages. It is where all other modules meet to gather accounting information. The modules within Financials include Nominal Ledger, Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger and Cash Book.

The Financials module gives you a complete overview of your business finances. It offers the ability to run detailed reports with the addition of other Sage 200 modules such as Business Intelligence.


The Commercials module for Sage 200 is another core module utilised by businesses. Commercials are made up of four key modules that help to manage your customer orders and maintain healthy stock control. The modules include Stock Control, Sales Order Processing, Price Book and Purchase Order Processing.

The Commercials module provides advanced solutions to manage your company invoicing, sales processing, and stock and allows you to make certain customer goods are dispatched on time.


GoCardless is a Sage 200 module that allows you to take payment from customers quickly. Setup and collect direct customer debits into your account and automatically reconcile payments with Sage.

GoCardless is a leading Direct Debit provider, and many medium and large enterprise-level businesses use the integration with Sage 200 to manage direct debits.

GDPR Compliant

Sage 200 is entirely GDPR compliant and allows you to identify old records and customer data using built-in reporting.

Furthermore, Sage 200 has a range of cloud-based connections with Office 365 and OneDrive to safely and securely store data connected to Sage 200.

Salary and Supplier Payments

Managing and making payments relating to suppliers and HMRC VAT has never been easier with the Salary and Supplier Payments module for Sage 200. The additional module saves time and reduces admin error by making payments direct from Sage without having to retype details into your bank.

Before using this addition to Sage 200, you will need to specify your Salary and Supplier Payment approver, who will have access to the portal to make authorised payments.

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI brings together all your Sage 200 additions, extensions and connections, allowing them to communicate effectively to generate immersive reports. Complete visibility of your business data will enable you to get under the hood and create reports that matter to your business.

The powerful dashboards can be accessed from anywhere and provide extensive insights into the retail, manufacturing, sales and financial side of the business.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

The Bill of Materials (BOM) Module for Sage 200 is a feature that allows you to list all the items needed to fulfil another stock item. It is often used alongside the manufacturing module to understand stock levels relating to production lines.

Creating a BOM allows you to manage stock levels and costs associated with production. The module is not just limited to stock and can be used to calculate labour and machine expenses with a stock item.

Manufacturing (Professional only)

The Sage 200 Manufacturing Module is not available with the standard version of Sage 200, only the Professional version. The module comprises five additions to help take control of estimating, make to stock, sales forecasting, master production schedule, material requirements planning and work orders.

The Manufacturing module also integrates with various other modules within Sage 200, such as Bill of Materials, Accounting and Commercials.

Project Accounting (Professional only)

Project Accounting is only available with the Professional version of Sage 200. The seamless link between the Financials and Commercials modules allows you to assign revenue and costs to your projects. Manage time, expenses, machinery, and stock costs and then generate bills or detailed enquires about any area of your project.

The Project Accounting module will allow you to improve your billing, making it more accurate for customers.

Learn more about Sage 200 Modules.

The difference between Sage 200 Standard and Professional

When looking at Sage 200 you’ll notice there are two different options available, Standard and Professional, but what is the difference? Well, Sage 200 Standard is an out-of-the-box solution that bridges the gap between Sage 50 and Sage 200 Professional.

Don’t let that fool you, Sage 200 Standard is extremely powerful and allows companies to control their financial and commercial data anytime, anywhere.

That being said, Sage 200 Professional is a highly customisable solution for medium to large enterprise businesses. Sage 200 Professional can be hosted on your premise or in the cloud, allowing manufacturing, retail and software businesses to control distribution, warehouses, picking, web ordering and more.

Sage 200

Industries Suitable for Sage 200

At Kinspeed, we’ve worked with a range of industries to implement and tailor Sage 200 to their business. We have real expertise in RetailWholesaleManufacturing and Software, taking away the countless pain points and headaches these industries face. So, if your business might grow to the size of Boohoo or PLT, our tailored Sage 200 software can grow with you, to help handle order processing and warehouse management through to delivery.


Wholesale Distribution


Professional Services

SaaS and Software

Integrated supply chain and financials

Supply chains are increasingly complex. Fully connected and expert stock management is key to ensuring long-term business health. Connected stock and finance systems automate the replenishment and purchase order process to keep operations running smoothly.

Tracking stock provides far greater control to avoid costly write-offs or quality issues reaching a customer. Sage will flag up inactive items and provide stock control based on serial and batch numbers with full traceability across multiple warehouses.

Purchase in 100 Currencies

Import Costs on Every PO

Multiple Stock Locations

Batch and Serial Traceability

Discrepancies Flagged

"The team at Kinspeed have supported us through rapid growth, taking time to understand our business requirements and providing effective solutions to meet our needs. We partner with them to support and maintain our Sage 200 ERP solution."
Leanne Clancy
Sage200 - Sage 200 - Kinspeed Limited
“Sage 200 Manufacturing gives us a window to a lot more information. It enables us to collect shop-floor information by product and by warehouse, perform more detailed costing analysis and optimise resources.”
David Walsh
Finance Director, Sign + Digital

Sage 50 vs Sage 200 – Ready to upgrade?

If you’re currently using Sage 50 and wondering if it is time to upgrade to Sage 200, you’re in the right place. Kinspeed has performed multiple Sage 50 upgrades, including for companies such as PRETTYLITTLETHING. However, to understand if you should be planning to upgrade, you will need to contact one of our Sage 200 experts.

Upgrading from Sage 50 is a big decision, and there are many disadvantages and advantages. However, if you’re currently using Sage 50 and are looking to get more out of the platform, it is safe to say an upgrade might be one of your potential options.

Are you thinking of upgrading from Sage 50? View our in-depth comparisons here: Sage 50 vs Sage 200.

Nurture Customer Relationships Efficiently with Sage 200

When running a business, it is crucial to deliver a joined-up approach across sales, marketing, and service to help improve customer experience and reduce the sales cycle. Within Sage 200 you can manage enquiries, and support requests can be tracked and actioned, with notifications to ensure every customer receives a responsive service.

Sage 200 will also provide access to data on call times, volume, enquiry resolution length, and follow-up rate. All of this helps to support sales and marketing productivity. Detailed visual reporting assists with KPI tracking and performance against customer service level agreements – perfect for customer review meetings.

Manage Orders and Profitability

Set Negotiation Parameters

Cost and Profit Data per Product

Central Knowledge Bank

Balances by Customer and VAT Returns

Beyond Sage 200 Integration

Sage Business Partner, Kinspeed, provide fully integrated and supported Sage ERP software solutions and Sage 200 Training services.

Developers integrate a wide range of software applications, including third-party carrier software and Kinspeed products such as FastDespatch inventory management software with handheld scanner integration, and AutoQuotes specialist industry-specific quotation system.

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