Spindle Document Distribution works with your ERP or accounting system to distribute outgoing documents in batches or individually, via email or to print. It will help to save time and reduce postage and stationery costs. Documents sent by Spindle Document Distribution can be branded to your company. It’s easy to attach terms & conditions, add promotional offers and change designs, depending on how and what you send out.

Integration with Sage 200

Link scanned documents to a transaction in your ERP and directly access documents when working in the application.

  1. Apply digital signature.
  2. Incorporates full colour design with logo and corporate branding.
  3. Relevant data extracted from your ERP.
  4. 256 bit document encryption.
  5. Automatically change language files.
  6. Terms & conditions automatically added.
  7. Pay Now button added to invoice.
Document Distribution invoice

Spindle Document Distribution features include…

Distribute any document type

send documents in batches or individually; from invoices and statements to remittance advices and purchase orders.

Save administration time

less time spent on printing and posting documents means more time for other tasks.

Reduce postage and stationery costs

sending communications via email is faster and cheaper than post.

Use branded document templates

your corporate identity and promotional messages can be added and you can tailor messages to specific customer groups.

Add real-time data to documents

add information from your ERP onto documents and emails for personalised communications.

Include additional attachments

related documents can be added to outgoing emails such as overdue invoices with statements, terms and conditions, offers and so.

Archive documents instantly

archive documents to specified locations such as a local network, CRM, ERP and/or to SharePoint.

Pay Now button

send your invoices with a ‘Pay Now’ button to get paid quicker.

Quick return on investment

start benefiting from your savings straight away.