We understand that life is busy and your time is precious. Too precious for paperwork. So why not let our smarter document capture software reduce your workload – making sure all your important business information is always to hand.

Say Goodbye to

  • time-consuming manual admin
  • risk of losing or misfiling important documents
  • cluttered office space
  • document duplication across departments
  • risk of information loss due to permanent damage, fire or flood

Say Hello to

  • fast easy access to documents to any employee with permissions
  • electronic document archiving
  • seamless integration with your existing systems
  • legal compliance regarding the storage of electronic documents
  • flexible solution customisable to your business needs

Spindle Document Capture features include…

Advanced search

Find documents faster through advanced search functionality – available to all employees with permissions to access instantly.

Capture any document type

Capture, archive and retrieve all file types including photos, excel spreadsheets and emails.

Batch scanning

Scan in batches using barcodes to speed up processes.

Mobile capture

Capture on the go - use the Spindle Document Capture app to capture documents with your mobile phone (available for iOS or Android)

Secure access

Limit access to sensitive information through secure permissions to approved users only.

Seamless integration with Spindle Document Distribution

Integrate seamlessly with Spindle Document Distribution to manage all incoming and outgoing documents to create a truly paperless office.

Spindle Document Capture API

Use the API to build document capture functionality into other platforms, including ERP, CRM, document management or industry specialist software.


Quickly identify missing documents such as proof of deliveries or purchase invoices, that have not yet been scanned back in and are still outstanding.

Integration with Sage 200

Link scanned documents to a transaction in your ERP and directly access documents when working in the application.

    capture documents already saved electronically
  • SCAN
    scan individual documents
    archive captured files
    print barcodes to prepare your documents for batch scanning
Spindle document capture screenshot