Draycir Spindle Self Serve

Online portal for Sage200

Draycir Spindle Self Serve

Online portal for Sage200

Integrating with Sage 200, Spindle Self Serve is an online portal offering 24/7 access to your customers and staff to financial and accounting information.

Customers have ‘self-service’ access to their own accounts, so will always have the information to hand to pay you on time, reducing queries made via telephone call or email.

Whether in the office or working remotely, your internal staff can use Spindle Self Serve to view customer accounts and documents without the need to access Sage.

Benefits of Spindle Self Serve

Clean & simple dashboard – customers have a complete overview of their account
Branded portal with your logo and colour schemes – assure your customers they are in the right place
Increase customer satisfaction – customers can access their online account at any time
Improve staff productivity – staff can access customer accounts without the need to access Sage 200
Fewer admin queries – reduced incoming phone calls and emails
Retrieve documents – integrates with Spindle Document Management to view PDF documents of invoices, statements, credit notes and much more

Additional Modules


Use in-system promotional messages to promote special offers to customers

External Stock

Customers can view stock levels and prices without the need to make a call

Internal Stock

Staff can check stock levels and prices without the need to use Sage

Online Ordering

Customers can place online orders at their convenience

Proof of Delivery

Improve customer service with live control of the delivery fleet to quickly respond to customer requests through real time monitoring (GPS) of the drive
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