SmallBizTips #9 – Reputation is everything
The reputation of a business is paramount to its success.
SmallBizTips #7 – Prepare your web strategy
In the online world, knowing your target audience is key
SmallBizTips #8 – Let your customers know where to go
A ‘call to action’ is the part of a web
SmallBizTips #6 – Make time to nurture and grow your customers
It is crucial to take time to nurture your customer
SmallBizTips #5 – Good social media = quality, not quantity
Any Marketing tool takes time and energy, so its important
SmallBizTips #4 – Give potential customers the confidence to try
Offering a full no-questions-asked refund with return packaging included in
SmallBizTips #3 – Help your suppliers to know, understand, care and support
Sam Walton, the founder of WalMart, had a great saying:
SmallBizTips #2 – Become your own customer
As a small business, it all comes down to keeping
SmallBizTips #1 – Make sure to blow your own horn!
Make sure to blown your own horn! If you’re not
the uk infrastructure show
Meet Us At The UK Infrastructure Show 2018
Kinspeed will be exhibiting at the UK Infrastructure Show 2018