Sage Development and Support

Sage Business Partner Kinspeed

One of the first Sage Business Partners in the UK, Kinspeed have over 20 years’ experience developing and implementing tailored Sage ERP solutions. Combined with Sage training and support Kinspeed expertise is second-to-none.

Sage development delivers perfect-fit ERP solutions, tailored to individual business requirements, unlocking business agility and profitability. Kinspeed Sage development capabilities and industry expertise are key elements in the success stories of several prominent UK brands.

From start-up to multinational, the key to sustainable growth is removing complexity. Sage development experts Kinspeed, deliver fully integrated Sage 50 and Sage 200 ERP solutions. Through the eradication of manual intervention – including order entry, product, reporting, and inventory management – process automation removes complexity across business operations.

Brands like Slimming Worldboohoo and PRETTYLITTLETHING continue to work with Kinspeed, using Sage development to leverage the full capabilities of business management software, to remain at the forefront of their respective industries.

Many successful brands start out using Sage Line 50. When order volumes and warehouse throughput increase, businesses seek a Sage 200 developer to implement a tailored ERP solution, capable of processing high transaction volumes.

Manual data entry is often a problem for growing businesses, causing delays in order fulfilment, and introducing costly errors. Kinspeed Sage ERP solutions eradicate the margin for error and increase revenue. Integrating every business process with Sage 200 and automating manual processes, removes complexity and streamlines operations, including website order receipt, EPOS, stock and inventory management, and third-party logistics.

Sage Development from Kinspeed:

Upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200

Scalable, future-proofed business management

Integrated e-commerce, 3LP and EPOS

Automated processes

Integrated inventory management software

Product matrix management

Sage 200 training and support

Sage Development Customer Stories

Maximising the Value of Sage 200




3PL Integration

Sage Training

To achieve maximum value from a Sage ERP implementation, bespoke Sage training ensures full user adoption for maximum productivity. During implementation, developers configure a series of customised, role-based dashboards with bespoke reporting features. The Sage development team, having cultivated a deep working knowledge of a client’s business and processes, are perfectly placed to deliver relevant, high-quality Sage training.

Kinspeed offer a range of training programmes to suit the individual business, including Sage 50 and Sage 200 training. Including post-go-live and top-up training, Kinspeed offer a range of options including remote, on-site, and off-site Sage training

Sage Support

Brands work with Kinspeed for their Sage development expertise and outstanding Sage support, forming long-term relationships. Clients receive ongoing Sage support and development, to guarantee every Sage implementation always performs at peak efficiency and maximum effectiveness.

Fashion retailers boohoo and PRETTYLITTLETHING have worked with Kinspeed since they were little-known, ambitious start-ups. Continuing relationships with the UK’s biggest brands are testament to Kinspeed as a leading Sage support provider.

Sage Support to Rely On

When Slimming World experienced rapid growth, they suffered crippling warehouse bottlenecks. Support from Sage Business Partner, Kinspeed, identified harmful manual processes and limitations from Sage 50 software. Slimming World upgraded to Sage 200 with custom in-house product integration – a perfect-fit Sage 200 solution. Kinspeed provide full, ongoing Sage support and Sage 200 training for Slimming World, so they can focus on achieving their business objectives, fully supported by Kinspeed every step of the way.

When Underwood Meat Company were awarded a multi-million-pound contract to supply a famous pub chain, they sought the services of Sage 200 developer Kinspeed to transform their order fulfilment process. Combining Sage 200 with in-house inventory management software FastDespatch, Underwood achieved a 90% reduction in errors and 50% reduction in administration. Underwood continues to reply on the support of Kinspeed to maintain their enviable order fulfilment speed and accuracy.

E-commerce orders were coming in thick and fast for fashion retailer PRETTYLITTLETHING – transaction volumes their Sage 50 ERP system could not handle. With seamless order fulfilment a business-critical priority, Kinspeed upgraded PLT to Sage 200. Kinspeed integrated Sage 200 with bespoke in-house products to automate key processes, including e-commerce order receipt, website stocks, and product matrix management. PRETTYLITTLETHING continue to work with Kinspeed, setting the standard for outstanding customer experience in fashion retail.