Sage 200 Manufacturing Module

The Sage 200 modules cover a plethora of critical business requirements that assist with your business development. In particular, this Sage 200 manufacturing module will target your manufacturing and production processes to increase your productivity and profitability. 

This powerful suite encompasses tools such as MPS (Master Production Schedule), MRP (Material Requirements Planning), estimating and WOP (Works Order Processing) to meet customer demands efficiently and streamline your workflows. Fully customisable, you can create the perfect workspace for your business to facilitate your day-to-day tasks and future business growth.

Features of the Sage 200 Manufacturing Module

Sage fully integrated Sicon manufacturing technology in 2020 to implement an intelligent, intuitive and friendly UI for manufacturing companies. This Sicon technology is installed and maintained seamlessly within the Sage 200 professional account to provide out-of-the-box ERP and MRP solutions. 

This manufacturing package encompasses time, costs, materials and labour to track projects against profit and loss accurately. This visibility can be projected into future business development and provide your team with crucial information.

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What is Included in the Sage 200 Manufacturing Module? 

This powerful suite of tools ensures you will meet deadlines on time, increase productivity across the team and never exceed capacity. This manufacturing module provides a highly customisable service that you can configure to your business requirements. As a result, it will facilitate your current business model as well as future growth and development. In addition, this user-friendly interface will streamline data and provide more accurate reports so you can simplify your supply chain. 


Capacity Planning

Material Planning


Job Costing


Barcode & Warehousing

Works Order Processing (WOP)

WOP is designed specifically for businesses that require successful control of their resources and stock materials. It caters for bespoke, hybrid, continuous and discrete manufacturing companies. Furthermore, this technology integrates with the Sage BOM (bill of materials) and stock contracts to provide accurate data on business resources. For example, when a sales order is raised, the WOP will access the BOM to understand the materials required for the job and the production start date. Once this WOP is created, capacity and material planning is considered to identify available staff resources and stock levels for the required parts.

Capacity Planning 

It is imperative to understand machine resources, employee availability, working patterns, staff holidays and overdue work orders to efficiently meet projects and identify what capacity you are working at. Understanding this data from a machine and labour level ensures you are prepared for the upcoming project and the demand. If, for example, a piece of machinery breaks down due to overdue servicing or part replacement, this could set your business back weeks. Understanding and preparing for these things guarantees that projects are met on time.

Material Planning 

In order to meet your manufacturing demands, this material planning module will maintain optimum stock levels and manage all material requirements. This platform also looks at your current and future works orders to understand business demands. Understanding your ideal minimum stock levels, open purchase orders, and current stock ensures your business is working proactively. For example, suppose you do not have enough inventory to meet a project on time. In that case, this Material Planning module will suggest POs from suppliers or recommend rescheduling other projects to ensure the highest productivity within the business.


Whether you are a small business looking for manufacturing software or much larger scale, this project module will provide real-time views on a project’s profitability and overall costs. Integrating with the Sage 200 POP (Purchase Order Management), SOP (Sales Order Processing), stock, time recording and nominal ledgers, you can access 100% project to nominal reconciliation.

Each SOP and POP line can be linked to specific projects providing clear and accurate reporting. You can also track staff labour against individual projects and SFDC for more precise data collection. Overall, this Sage manufacturing module provides the platform for you to clearly observe what stage your projects are at, ETA for completion and total costs so far.

Job Costing 

This manufacturing module works with the purchase ledger, POP, SOP, WOP, time recording and stock to understand the actual cost of each project. As a result, you can accurately analyse the profitability of various contracts and projects whilst understanding the costs for each job in real time. This is especially helpful for industries such as construction or manufacturing, with multiple clients and ongoing high-value contracts.

Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC)

Sicon WOP and Projects are linked in one Android app to facilitate real-time capture of factory-floor progress and inspection results. In addition, you can track operational activities from the production line and identify delays that could reduce a project’s profitability.

Barcode and Warehousing 

You can further utilise this Android app by tracking your warehouse stock. Improve traceability of materials, final products and inventory to ensure complete transparency across the business. You also have the ability to view incoming orders, stock-takes, waste stock and dispatched sales orders.


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