NetSuite ERP

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NetSuite ERP is the world’s number 1 cloud business management solution

Designed to connect and automate financials, operations and business processes, NetSuite ERP facilitates fast growth and innovation.

Kinspeed, a leading solution provider partner, seamlessly implement NetSuite ERP to help business take control of finance, supply chain, manufacturing, sales, and
marketing with a single dataset.

In-house developers integrate existing third-party applications, bridging industry-specific gaps with .net development to ensure the ERP solution fully supports business growth.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite ERP

Oracle NetSuite ERP is a scalable, cloud-based business management solution which accelerates innovation and growth. By connecting processes into one cohesive solution, NetSuite delivers real-time business visibility.

Integrating financials, distribution, sales and supply chain, NetSuite removes departmental siloes, eradicates manual intervention, and reduces errors.

Cloud ERP delivers full, permission-based access from anywhere, anytime, using any device. With NetSuite, you leave on-premise issues behind and enjoy the freedom and security of ERP built for the cloud.

NetSuite ERP is ideal for any business size, from start-up to multinational, with 190 currencies and 19 languages.

NetSuite Financials

With finance at the core of every business, NetSuite Financials helps business leaders to close with confidence and report with accuracy, using real-time data.

Designed as a cloud-based solution to support business accounting needs, NetSuite Financials is ideal to help ambitious companies grow sustainably. NetSuite pulls all financial data into one, intuitive platform, providing full financial visibility in real-time, any time.

With NetSuite, you never have to wait until month-end to understand the financial health of your business.

NetSuite CRM

Customer relationship management from NetSuite delivers seamless, real-time data spanning the entire customer lifecycle. NetSuite CRM cultivates a joined-up approach across departments. A streamlined lead-to-cash process ensures efficiency in sales pipeline. Combining service automation and ecommerce integration, NetSuite provides the means to leverage maximum opportunity value.

NetSuite CRM features an intuitive dashboard and role-based reporting to equip sales and marketing with tools to deliver market-leading customer experience. Comprehensive service monitoring ensures all relationships are nurtured effectively and efficiently throughout the customer journey.

Forecasting and projection capabilities build predictability and reliability into sales performance, utilising real-time data. NetSuite quote and order management improves accuracy with automated tax and shipping rates, pricing, and discounts.

NetSuite CRM is ideal for every business, to elevate customer experience and realise maximum revenue per customer.


Take your business from zero to cloud within weeks. Make the transition from on-premise to cloud with NetSuite SuiteSuccess, an industry-specific solution which delivers rapid return and maximum value.

Leveraging unmatched industry knowledge and experience, SuiteSuccess delivers scalable, perfect-fit cloud ERP 60% faster with 18% lower costs.

The SuiteSuccess model builds the groundwork first, to ensure rapid implementation, with freedom to increase ERP capabilities at a practical pace.

The NetSuite Business Review explores three key areas when considering the optimum growth strategy – performance benchmarking, performance impact, and methods to achieve growth. For businesses evaluating NetSuite implementation, this 2-hour review delivers expertise dedicated to your industry

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