Experience real-time business management with Sage Business Cloud Financials

A business management solution that grows with your business

Meet your aspirations with Sage Business Cloud Financials, the unique business management solution that powerfully combines intelligence, scalability, support and ease of use.

Sage Business Cloud Financials brings together two global leaders in modern technology, Sage, and Salesforce. With powerful, mobile technology and accounting experience, Sage Business Cloud Financials brings efficiency to your business.


Run your entire business

Connect your sales, banking, invoicing, payments, and much more. Sage Business Cloud Financials also integrates with over 3,000 proven business apps on the Salesforce App Exchange, giving you greater control, customisation, and visibility.

Gain insights across your business

With real-time dashboards, forecasting, automatic reports, and multi-dimensional capabilities, you can look at your business in new and insightful ways across team projects, business units, geographies, products, clients and more.

Grow with minimal complexity

Ignite productivity by automating time-consuming admin and connecting your teams to the information they need in real time—no more costly delays correcting human error, waiting for information, or manually entering data.

Benefits Of Sage Business Cloud Financials

Going Live means always knowing more

Work smarter by automating your manual process, easily analyse and extract data from multiple systems into customisable dashboards and scoreboards.

Accelerate business from the palm of your hand

With Sage Business Cloud Financials, you are not limited to an office. Your workplace is wherever you and your people are. With the ability to edit data, enter and track invoices, manage income, approve expenses, and chat with colleagues you can run your business from anywhere.

Make the most of business mobility

Access accounting data in real-time on your mobile device and simplify direct and shared communications for all using Salesforce Chatter and Sage Business Cloud Financials.

Combined with the market-leading Salesforce cloud platform

Making Sage Business Cloud Financials the always-on application built to work efficiently and adapt effortlessly. There is no other way to be more flexible, connected and really see whats happening across your financials, sales, admin and more.

Gain a single, real-time source of business truth

Business results are usually spread across disparate apps and systems, most managers find it difficult to locate the information that matters most. Sage Business Cloud Financials provides real-time, error-free reporting. Get the information that matters and see actual and projected results. 

Eliminate manual data entry and processes

Build a team that’s inspired and motivated, free your people from mundane data entry tasks like entering expense reports and reconciling bank accounts so they can focus on higher-value deliverables.

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