Why choose Webshop Extra?

Integrating Sage and E-commerce sites together

Our Webshop Extra module integrates Sage software and e-commerce websites efficiently and seamlessly. The solution downloads web-orders in real time into your Sage software, eliminating the risk of human error.

Users have the ability to easily process orders and manage online inventory, meaning you can manage high volumes of orders, allowing you to be proactive.


easy Information upload

Populate an e-commerce website with product information, including stock levels and pricing.

Up to date

Scheduled, full and incremental uploads of data from Sage accounting solutions


Download web orders in real-time with payment confirmation into Sage accounting solutions

advanced tracking

Send dispatch details and order tracking information back to website to keep customers

automated system

No additional external software or user interface required.

powerful integration

Compatible with popular e-commerce platforms including Magento and X-Cart