Why choose Warehouse Extra?

Streamlined warehouse management & stock control

Our Warehouse Extra module for Sage 200 brings efficiency to your warehouse management system. With the proven ability to pick, pack and despatch for some of the largest warehouses around the UK.

Warehouse Extra is the perfect integrated warehouse management and picking system for your Sage 200.


Optimised picking route

Ability to create optimal picking route, the route outlining the quickest and most effective paths.

Print pick labels

The ability to add orders to specific pick queues and print labels automatically for pick queues.

Advanced despatch

Despatch orders by scanning pick labels, ensuring correct product and quantity every time.

Avoid errors

Scan returns back into the system, avoiding mistyped SKU’s and incorrect quantities.

Increased Customer satisfaction

Automatic invoicing routine, informing customers via email that their parcel is on its way.

Connected software

Seamless integration with most carrier software including Metapack and Scurri.