Why choose Retail Extra?

Adding an extra dimension to Sage 200 standard stock control

How much time and effort are you using to create products with dimensions in Sage200? Your new product line comes in 4 sizes and 5 colours; that’s 20 SKUs to create right there. Where do you store the product documentation and images for the website, on each SKU? Why can’t you create your products with dimensions like you can on your website?

With Retail Extra you can. Simply select the dimensions your product uses, enter your description and click to create all the SKUs in Sage 200. Quick, simple, easy.

More than that. You can add extra information to the “style” or the individual SKU using the product taxonomy. More than that. You can create weighted purchase orders across product ranges in just a few clicks.

Perfect for fashion and retail industries Retail Extra enables management of you entire portfolio of products from one easy to use application. An ideal replacement for the discontinued Sage200 Wholesale and Retail module, Retail Extra has been tested in large UK retail companies.

Together with Webshop Extra populate your e-commerce website with your entire product portfolio, even configurable products. Click. Done.