FastDespatch by Kinspeed

Right product, right customer, first time!

FastDespatch by Kinspeed

Right product, right customer, first time!

Our Fast Despatch system allows goods to be picked, packed, checked, weighed and catch weighted, resulting in the right product being processed to the right customer, in the right quantity, first time!

Fast Despatch

Benefits of FastDespatch

Batch and Serial Control

Double-checks at picking and despatch stages ensure that no unusable product ever reaches your customer

Real-time Information

System integration ensures your data is always available in real-time, including dashboard presentation

Invoicing on Weight

Invoice based on weight, not just the total number of items. This works with catch-weighted products too.

100% Accuracy

Reduces picking errors and costly returns. Includes barcode checks, physical weight checks within tolerances

Complete traceability

Complete traceability from picking through to packing

Scanner Integration

Utilises Barcode Scanners for ease of use and efficiency

Additional Features

Compares physical weights against calculated weights, including box tolerances

Calculates box weights in line with carrier limits, reducing overweight surcharges

check sell-by dates and serial numbers

Runs across multiple terminals

Supervisor override feature

Compatible with Sage ERP Systems/Products

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Fast Despatch

Case Study: Underwood Meat Co.

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