Why choose Kinspeed Delivery Manager?

Automated shipment for increased productivity

Many companies use different carriers for different shipments depending on the size/weight of the items being dispatched. In some cases, this is as simple as sending small boxed items via one carrier and large pallet items via another.

This procedure is also used if a customer requires their goods on a next day dispatch. This solution is useful for any business that wishes to automated their delivery process, linking with MetaPack and Scurri gives it extra functionality.


Utilise Sales orders

Delivery Manager can perform on any shipment, where a sales order is produced.

made to measure

Create a consignment based on user rules for an order, set by the carrier.

Fully controllable

Bring in house your delivery management selection based on parcel type, size and weight.

Criteria based

Effectively use multiple carriers to ship your products depending on your chosen criteria.

Automatic carrier selection

Configured to select your preferred carrier and method based on weight product size and analysis codes.

Smart connection

An effective method of automating a simple delivery system, with links to MetaPack and Scurri.