Draycir Spindle Document Management

Total control of documents in Sage200

Draycir Spindle Document Management

Total control of documents in Sage200

All your outgoing documents are sent to where they need to go, helping to streamline and enhance your processes. Incoming documents are captured and instantly accessible in Sage 200, reducing your workload and ensuring important documents are always to hand.

Distribute Outgoing Documents

Batch deliver invoices, statements and many other types of business documents
Generate beautiful documents including branding and other relevant information

Attach related documents (such as invoices with statements) or a second page (such as terms and conditions or promotions)

Keep colleagues in the loop by sending notifications when a document has been sent

Minimise risk of document fraud with password protection/digital signatures
Make it easier for customers to pay you with a ‘Pay Now’ button added to invoices, pro forma invoices and statements
Instantly archives outgoing documents into Sage 200 for easy access.

Capture Incoming Documents

Capture any type of document for viewing in Sage 200
Batch scan documents using barcode technology, including multi-page documents.
Quickly drag-and-drop electronic files into the Capture screen or Pending Tray.
Add security permissions to limit access to sensitive documents.
Use a unique barcode to quickly associate documents with their Sage 200 entry
Store documents in PDF/A format to comply with HM Revenue & Customs regulations
Enable non- Sage 200 users to capture documents into the Pending Tray
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