Why choose Bank Details Change?

Stay up to date when bank account details change

Bank Details Change keeps you up to date with supplier account information, bank account details are updated without human interaction.

The bank account details stored against a Supplier account in Sage is used to make electronic file payments through your bank account in Sage. These fields can be changed by anyone with access to those screens. Our software enables changes to be logged, and emails sent to the relevant people in your notification to let your managers know changes have been made.


Detail archive

Logs every time a change is made to the supplier bank account details.

secure updates

Keep a permanent record of changes made in these fields using the Sage data tables.

real-time reports

Run reports to identify changes made, when, and by which user.


Email notifications can be sent to chosen e-mails when bank account details are amended.

eliminates errors

Reduce the risk of fraudulent payments made by your business.