Hammitt is a luxury accessories brand based in Los Angeles selling in more than 350 boutiques nationwide as well as its flagship store in Las Vegas. Implementing NetSuite shortly after incorporating, NetSuite helps Hammitt manage manufacturer relationships, consumer commitments and boutique resellers, with a data-driven approach to growth.

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Brown Shoes

“NetSuite OMX has really empowered us and changed the Ecommerce business, reducing lead times and increased customer satisfaction. We’re very confident that when you place an order with us, you’re going to get it very quickly.” – Brown Shoes

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Thos. Baker

Soon after its founding in 2004, Thos. Baker generated astounding growth that outplaced its inefficient QuickBooks implementation and homegrown ecommerce, ordering and inventory solutions, requiring resource-hungry and error-prone manual work. The retailer needed better visibility and control to efficiently manage 25,000 SKUs and relationships with a dozen contract manufacturers and 12- suppliers, while delivering a stellar customer experience to accelerate a traditionally long, high-end purchase cycle.

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Alton Lane

As a company built on superior products and customer service, Alton Lane found itself unable to access the kind of holistic, detailed view of its business needed to uphold its standards. A lack of integration was limiting visibility when what the company needed was anytime, anywhere access to the real-time data that would let it coordinate and collaborate across multiple locations and stakeholders.

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