Kinspeed acquires BHP IT

Leading ERP Solution Provider, Kinspeed, acquires BHP IT, a Sage & Microsoft Business Partner

Today, Tuesday 8 March 2022, Kinspeed announce completion of their acquisition of BHP IT, a Sheffield-based business software and IT services company, established for more than 20 years.  With a customer base that is UK wide and across a range of industries, BHP IT are highly experienced and fully accredited in both Sage and Microsoft.

What benefits will this acquisition bring to both companies?

Over the past few years, Kinspeed has experienced significant growth, with turnover, profits and staffing levels increasing. Throughout this period we have worked on a few projects with BHP IT, and it was obvious to both companies that multiple benefits could arise from formalising the relationship. BHP IT has excellent experience as a Microsoft and Sage Business Partner, sharing our core values of customer service excellence. When combined with the large development team at Kinspeed, and the Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider status held by Kinspeed, we are confident that customers across both businesses will see benefits to this acquisition.

What advantage will this bring to Kinspeed customers and to BHP IT customers? 

The acquisition of BHP IT will bring greater experience from a Microsoft perspective, and allow a broader service to be provided by the Kinspeed team. The amalgamation of the businesses will guarantee more dedicated staff availability across all functional areas, who already share a common goal of excellent customer service, ensuring we are able to offer lifetime value to all our clients.

Will the two companies operate independently or is the plan to merge into one?

Kinspeed and BHP IT already share so many common values, and during the next 6-12 months the companies will merge into one entity under the Kinspeed brand. Customers from both companies will be contacted prior to any changes being enacted to ensure they are fully aware and comfortable with the new structure.

Why is this good for local business?

Both companies believe that this is in the best interests for all existing and future customers, both locally and nationally. The increased size of the team, along with additional services we are able to implement and support, will increase the value we provide.

What does this mean for the solutions we deliver?

The larger combined organisation will be able to provide and support a much wider range of solutions, from Microsoft, to Sage 200 across the full range of install options, to the leading cloud ERP solution, Oracle NetSuite.  In addition we will maintain our in house .Net development and Kinspeed add-ons such as FastDespatch.

Who will head up the new organisation?  Will the two MD’s have joint management responsibility?

Kinspeed will continue to be managed by the current MD, Glen Banks. The MD of BHP IT, Andy Barker, wishes to remain an integral part of the business, and is delighted to be working for the combined business as Operations Manager.  He will continue working with his current customers, as well as bringing many years of industry experience to the Kinspeed customer base.

What will happen to employees of each company?  Will some people lose jobs?

Not at all, the retention of all employees is vital to the level of customer service excellence we need to offer. On day one, from an employee and customer perspective, nothing will immediately change. As we integrate and merge the businesses moving forward, we anticipate all employees working as a more cohesive unit to offer a more comprehensive package for our valued customers.

What cultural synergy is there between the two businesses?

Having worked on mutual projects in recent months, the customer-first culture across both businesses became apparent in spades. No one would ever claim to get everything right on every occasion, but the willingness to do everything they can to succeed, and more importantly go above and beyond to rectify any issues, is a shared core cultural strength. Both businesses pride themselves on not just being a supplier, but a trusted source of advice and support to their customers management teams.

When do you expect changes to happen?

Over the next few weeks and months, we will gradually merge the internal systems to allow employees to work together as a single team. Where customers will need to start using any different contact sources, such as phone numbers or e-mail addresses, this will be communicated clearly and explained fully.

Who should customers contact if they need support?

At the moment, all existing customers should contact support in their usual way. Any enquiries for new business should be directed to where the combined team will be able to assist.

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