What is .NET?

“.NET is a Microsoft web services strategy to connect information, people, systems, and devices through software, making it easier for users to share and use their information between multiple websites, programs, and computers.”

We are specialists in writing bespoke systems that function with Sage accounting systems, in technologies including .Net and SQL, but we also work for key clients who do not use Sage, as we can tailor any system, including linking to and from Amazon, Paypal, Magento and other popular systems.

Our team all hold degrees and accreditations in their area of specialism, bringing with them many, years of experience of building bespoke software solutions for our satisified customers.

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Why Kinspeed?

Save time and increase productivity.

Innovation and passion is at the forefront of what we do:

Allow our programs to perform the time and cost consuming tasks for you, enabling staff to concentrate and be more productive for your business.

Automate processes

Manual data entry is a slow process and has risk for error:

Eliminate the risk of manual data entry, minimising the chance of error during entry.

Customer experience

Our business relationships have been built through outstanding systems and customer service:

With our systems helping you process orders quicker, customer can recieve their order without delay, increasing loyality towards your brand.



The bespoke development we are able to offer means we can allow your system to work around you.


Enhancing system functionality to work how you need it to work

Website integration

Our expert software developers can your sales data from your website to you accounting system, so everything can communicate smoothly.

eBay/PayPal integration

Automate the processes between your IT systems and save time with eBay integration, pulling orders from your shop into your accounts systems.

Amazon integration

Provide your customers with outstanding service with our Amazon link, bringing orders into your accounts system.

Off the shelf products

Already offering a wide range of off the shelf products means we can provide cost effective solutions for your business.

Kinspeed Were Approached By BooHoo In Early 2008 To Improve Their Accounting System

Software Development
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