SmallBizTips #12 – Be more mindful with how you communicate
When you are communicating internally and externally, ask yourself the
SmallBizTips #11 – Step out of your comfort zone
Everything that you desire, wish for, dream of, everything you
SmallBizTips #10 – Manage your email better
Email is an important communication tool for any business. Convenient
SmallBizTips #9 – Reputation is everything
The reputation of a business is paramount to its success.
SmallBizTips #7 – Prepare your web strategy
In the online world, knowing your target audience is key
SmallBizTips #8 – Let your customers know where to go
A ‘call to action’ is the part of a web
SmallBizTips #6 – Make time to nurture and grow your customers
It is crucial to take time to nurture your customer
SmallBizTips #5 – Good social media = quality, not quantity
Any Marketing tool takes time and energy, so its important
SmallBizTips #4 – Give potential customers the confidence to try
Offering a full no-questions-asked refund with return packaging included in
SmallBizTips #3 – Help your suppliers to know, understand, care and support
Sam Walton, the founder of WalMart, had a great saying: