So whats the relevance of 235

My technical director walked in last Friday and said ‘Good Morning’ and ‘235’. He had done this everyday for the last week with a slightly different number and I had ignored him muttered back ‘Morning’ and he carried on to his desk. However overcome with curiosity I had to ask what was the relevance of these numbers he quoted every morning.

Its what I am getting to the gallon, 235′ he announced ‘What, what you on about’ I gasped back. He had my interest now.

It seems that the Vauxhall Ampera we bought back in November 2012 on what I thought was a whim was indeed saving the world, and us a fortune. We bought the plug in hybrid when Darren decided to move 37 miles from work and his fuel bill rose to £90 per week in his gas guzzling Toyota Hilux. Now he plugs in at home and drives to work using no fuel, and plugs in at work to drive home again using no fuel.

Its all falling into place now when the accountant rang up and asked why our fuel bill was down £5k this year, had we forgot something. Not that I know of I informed him, not even thinking about the black knightrider car sat outside. When he rang again and said we could claim first year allowance on the car, saving £6k in corporation tax I really sat up.

It certainly got me thinking and last weekend I decided to take the plunge and whilst the Ampera is not big enough for me, I went to look at a Mitsubishi Phev, a car very similar in workings to the Ampera, and placed an order, using a deposit of £6k, surprisingly, and guess what we will be able to save £7k against corporation tax next year with the first year allowance on that car. Beginning to like being green ………….