Welcome Amber England – Apprentice Business Administrator

Kinspeed are thrilled to start 2019 with a new member of staff! Amber, who has recently joined the team as an Apprentice Business Administrator. We took some time out of her diary to ask a few questions – below you can find our more about Amber, what her background is and what a typical week at Kinspeed is like.

Tell us about your background:

After finishing my studies at school and completing my Level 3 Extended Diploma in Forensic Science at college, I decided I wanted to go straight into work. In 2016 I got my first job at JD Sports, over my 3 year period I was promoted to Business Administrator and after that became the store supervisor. The position change into Business Administrator sparked my interest in this line of work, but I was unable to fully learn about it in JD. I then decided to have a career change and start an apprenticeship to allow me to work and also learn within a growing company.

What a typical week is like for you at Kinspeed?

I recently started doing invoice entries and other jobs such as, answering calls, opening mail, entering orders into the CRM and accounts systems and various other administration duties.

What you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work I am very passionate about street dance. I don’t currently attend my dance school anymore but I did compete/perform for over 8 years. I do intend on starting dance again soon! Other than this I enjoy playing games on my Xbox and also going out for walks in the countryside.

Glen Banks, Kinspeed MD said:

“I am delighted that Amber has joined our growing team as a Business Administration Apprentice, a key role in our continued development and growth, ensuring we are able to provide an exceptional level of support and service to our valued customers in a timely manner. Amber’s duties will be ensuring all administrative tasks are completed timely, and we are all looking forward to working with her, and supporting her growth and development.

Kinspeed have a successful record of recruiting and retaining apprentices, with 2 of the workforce just completing their apprenticeships, and having been given full time contracts, and we are fully supporting several team members who are undertaking Degree Apprenticeships, as we believe that the skills learnt academically, combined with the experience gained in real life working conditions, benefits ourselves, the employee, and our customers”.