The Fresh Face of Perishable Distribution

The Fresh Face of Perishable Distribution - Perishable Distribution - Kinspeed Limited

Across the UK, perishable distribution businesses are held back by a handful of challenges that come hand-in-hand with time & weight-sensitive distribution.  

The real-time demand for fresh produce means orders are received at any hour of the day, often outside normal working hours.  Time pressure is especially common for hospitality venues, who require quick turn-around for their perishable orders to ensure they maintain optimal stock levels. Fast-moving consumer goods distribution centres need to be flexible and efficient in receiving and processing orders; most require order, process, pick, pack and out to carriers within 12 hours! This leaves little room for delays, and zero room for error.

Products are often sold by weight or number, and to ensure order accuracy a large amount of information needs recording and checking.  As if this level of data processing wasn’t enough, perishable distribution precision is also reliant on additional complex information such as sell-by dates and batch reference numbers. Product-specific data must be considered, controlled and recorded throughout the dispatch process.

Sheer volume of data added to the manual management processes in place significantly increases the likelihood of error.  UK-based perishable distribution companies face an increasing number of returns and refunds, leaving significant damage in profit and time-efficiency.  With every product that perishes on the shelf, so too do profit margins.

Our latest Insight Report gives exclusive insight into beating the challenges of perishable distribution and improving profits.

As if the challenges associated with weight-based distribution weren’t enough, distribution centres are expected to work in a flexible and timely manner, fulfilling orders within 12 hours. Due to the fast turnaround time, large contracts often have zero cancellability clauses, meaning weight and time-sensitive distribution centres are exposed.

High error rates significantly diminish time and profits, and leave customers frustrated, resulting in poor customer service reputations. Due to this combination of challenges, distribution businesses across the UK lose a significant amount of money – and time – each year.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The current manual-management systems dominating order processing lack traceability and boast an unclear audit scale, leaving distributors with little room to prove that orders were correct. This is where FastDespatch comes in!

Our Insight Report explains the challenges that plague time and weight-sensitive distributors in 2021 including a case study of how FastDespatch was able to revolutionise a UK-based meat distribution company.

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