Talgara Has Been Rebranded To SkyStreet Retail

SkyStreet Retail Logo
The brand new logo for SkyStreet Retail!

Recently, Talgara have been undergoing a drastic rebrand that has resulted in them changing their logo and even their name to Sky Street Retail.

What is SkyStreet Retail?

SkyStreet Retail specialises in advanced multi-store and multi-channel capabilities, from in-store and Mobile EPOS, smart back office and stock control, and tightly integrated ecommerce solutions.

Are We Resellers of The Product?

Unfortunately, we are not resellers of SkyStreet Retail. Kinspeed have only written a Sage integration that brings in transactions and writes them directly to ledgers.

What Does Our Integration Do?

Our Sage integration application batches up Orders , Refunds , Deposits, Purchase Orders, and Stock Adjustments from the SkyStreet accounting system and then imports them into your Sage System as Nominal lines in a Summary Account.

Items are grouped dependant on type, department, and nominal code. These are in the mapping area of the application. So different nominal codes can be mapped for Payment methods i.e. Cash, Voucher, etc to product type.

Our Sage integration allows you to map SkyStreet Entities to Sage details such as:

* SkyStreet Outlet to Sage Departments
* SkyStreet Payment Methods to Sage General Ledger Accounts
* SkyStreet Product Types to Sales, Stock and Cost of Sales Nominal Codes
* SkyStreet Retail Supplier to Sage Supplier

What Are The Features/Benefits?

* Easy to use Module

Executable that sits on the desktop. Transactions are brought from SkyStreet Retail webservice.

* Does not take up valuable users

The Executable does not take up extra users in Sage.

* Integrates seamlessley with Sage 50 and Sage 200

ST150 brings in transactions to Sage 50 and writes directly to the ledgers. No importing of files.

* No More Rekeying of data

Days takings and payments are entered automatically.

* Inexpensive

Cost is £150 for the software and £30 annual support.

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