SmallBizTips #10 – Manage your email better

Email is an important communication tool for any business. Convenient and fast, you can communicate with your clients and customers, keep in touch with your employees and arrange meetings from just about anywhere.

BUT when used in the wrong way, email can have a negative effect on your productivity. A cluttered inbox, filled with unimportant emails will prevent you from responding to emails that require immediate attention.

Create inbox sub-folders for different categories of email according to action needed; for example “Inbox – Respond To,” “Inbox – To Process,” “Inbox – Not Important”, etc. If an incoming email doesn’t need an immediate response, move it to the relevant sub-folder.

Now you can focus on email which needs a response in the near future (i.e. important and urgent), without being distracted by other non-urgent items. It also avoids the risk of emails which need a response being missed because they’ve been pushed ‘out-of sight’ by your other less-important email.