Slimming World: Sustainable Growth with the Right Business Software

Slimming World: Sustainable Growth with the Right Business Software - business software - Kinspeed Limited

Slimming World is far from a new brand. Formed in 1969, the weight loss and dietary program has enjoyed tremendous growth in the decades since. However, years of development and business growth will, as always, rely on evolving business software technology.

Slimming World’s growth in the 21st century alone, thanks to the increasing prevalence of the internet and mobile use, saw the company approaching harmful warehouse bottlenecks. This led the brand to partner with Kinspeed, and over a period of 15 years, the companies have worked together to deliver genuine technical excellence to support an ever-growing customer base.

Software Solutions Tackle Distribution Challenges

The main concern of any rapidly growing business is the ability to service a fast-growing customer base. For Slimming World, this required a rethink of their business processes, with manual data input across several stages of the order fulfillment process forming a barrier to delivering on customer expectations.

It was immediately obvious the partners would need to make a clear, scalable roadmap considering software solutions and processes to support growth for years to come.

Slimming World’s warehouse bottlenecks arose as an imbalance between increasing warehouse throughput and manual processes tipped the scales. Kinspeed saw an immediate need for an ERP system upgrade with the integration of three additional business software products; CRM to propel the customer experience, FastDespatch inventory management software to reduce picking and packing errors to zero, and web order automation software to eradicate manual data entry.

FastDespatch, for example, is a bespoke software Kinspeed development for the Distribution sector, designed to ensure total clarity in the order fulfilment process. Companies like Slimming World benefit from automating processes:

  • Eradicate the possibility of human error
  • Fast and accurate picking and packing
  • Batch and serial number traceability from order to delivery.

Automation for Seamless Service

As demands on the warehouse at Slimming World increased, so did the need to take pressure off with bespoke software integration. Increased demand in a business relying heavily on manual data entry will, of course, be susceptible to the fallout from data errors – a reduced quality of service, with a direct impact on reputation and profits.

Outdated software will not only struggle to fulfil an increasing number of orders but may also fail to deliver with accuracy. Slimming World’s customers expect service excellence as well as timely deliveries. The famous brand supports more than 2.5 million deliveries each year. That is an incredible number of requests to fulfil, and far too many for any company using manual data entry to consider financially viable, let alone physically possible to support.

There was therefore a need for an business software solution that the company could implement to scale with the company – future-proofed for many years to come.

Combining an inventory management system with e-commerce data capture and order transfer, Kinspeed delivered a fully integrated Sage 200 ERP to Slimming World as a more accurate, more efficient solution, tailored to their specific needs.

The ability of Kinspeed to integrate a range of software products with Sage 200, led the way for Slimming World to benefit from data updates in real-time, including the integration of third-party courier software. This integration massively reduced the workload of an already busy warehouse team, and delivered full order tracking data, accessible in real-time.

Scalable Business Software

Scalability is key in a world where customer demands and the technical proficiency of competitors are ever-changing and evolve at a near-constant rate. Without scalable, bespoke software solutions, companies such as Slimming World may have otherwise faced being stuck labouring under a business system which repressed growth. A well-designed and carefully implemented ERP software development should support the growth of an organisation for at least five to ten years, keeping pace with business trajectory.

Slimming World and Kinspeed remain firm partners to this day – a partnership to Kinspeed is more than just a one-off consultation. It is an agreement that weathers years of technological innovation and changing customer expectations. As such, the Kinspeed and Slimming World teams work closely to discuss new potential challenges in the industry, and where software development can support the pursuit of growth opportunities and development of new sales channels.

If your company could benefit from a more streamlined approach to relationship management and order fulfilment, make sure to contact Kinspeed for a consultation. Call 01246 437000, or email to set up a meeting.b

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