Robond celebrates its 3000th bond with Sarah Champion MP

Sarah Champion presents bond receipient with bouquet surrounded by Robond Trustees

So whats this got to do with IT and Kinspeed I can hear you ask ? Well Robond or Rotherham Bond to give it its full name, is a charity in Rotherham that I, Ian Wragg, am a trustee for.

So why would a director of a company based in Renishaw choose a charity for the homeless in Rotherham. Well it chose me really. Back in the good old days, pre 2007, Kinspeed were based in Rotherham and spent 20 years there. I had a little house in Rotherham I used to rent out, and was approached by a tenant who wanted to rent it without a bond. I was a little sceptical but she then mentioned that the bond could be guaranteed by Robond. I had not heard of them but basically they are a charity who guarantee bonds so tenants can get a roof over their head without needing a monetary bond. I met them and not only did they guarantee the bond they managed the tenant, making regular visits to make sure the tenant was looking after the property. One thing led to another and I was asked to be a trustee, and the rest is history.

On December 5th 2013 they hit 3000 bonds and there was a little celebration at their offices situated in the market buildings in Rotherham. It was attended by the bond recipients, the trustees, myself Brian Sarah and Councillor Sue Ellis, and Sarah Champion MP for Rotherham who came along to present a bouquet to the bond recipient.

During the after presentation cake eating, and I must congratulate Jan, one of the volunteers, on baking such a marvellous offering, I managed to have a word with Sarah Champion, and I must say even though we may have differing political views, she is a very interesting person who genuinely cares about what is going on in Rotherham. Her background with Bluebell Wood shows through here, and I think you Rotherham folk are very lucky to have this lady representing you in parliament. Keep up the good work Sarah and have a few days off this Christmas, you deserve it !