Sage 50 Payroll Auto-Enrolment Edition – What Can It Do For You?

With the introduction of Auto-Enrolment into businesses, an employer will have a legal duty to provide a pension plan to their employees. This change will mean that the employer and the employee will both pay into the scheme to help provide a comfortable retirement. However, the legalisation carries with it a significant amount of administrative obligations that will mean extra work and stress for the employer and their business as a whole.

Sage 50 Payroll Auto-Enrolment Edition has been created to make sure your move into Automatic-Enrolment is seamless and stress free.

What are the benefits?

Personalised Action Plan – With Sage 50 Payroll Auto-Enrolment Edition, you can enter your staging date into the Pension Centre. This will help create a personalised Action plan for your company.

Fast Track Pensions – These can be set-up quickly and easily with direct access to leading pension providers such as NEST and NOW pensions.

Calculates the Costs – Sage 50 Payroll Auto-Enrolment Edition can calculate the cost of Automatic-Enrolment on your business by adding up the contributions and trying scenarios.

Create Reminders – This will help keep everyone up to date with what needs to be completed and will export it to Outlook and other calendars.

Constant Stream of Information – There is continuous access to all the Automatic- Enrolment information you need in the format that you prefer. With ‘show me hows’ and video clips, you will picking up the Automatic-Enrolment jargon within a few days.

Keep Track of Your Progress – You can keep track of your Automatic-Enrolment progress. It will show you where you’re up to and what needs to be completed.

If you wish to find out more about Auto-Enrolment and Sage 50 Payroll Auto-Enrolment, Kinspeed are hosting an event on the 14th of November.

To attend, please call us on (0)1246 437000 and ask for Stella. This course will cost you: £50