Sage 50 Accounts 2014

Sage 50 Accounts 2014

Sage 50 Accounts is the number one choice for UK businesses.

There are over 2 million businesses VAT registered out of the 4.5 million businesses based in the UK. For those who have not submitted a VAT return or have submitted one late, HMRC are now running a VAT campaign to focus on these particular areas. However, they’re closing their help centres in 2014 and are directing customers to call or go online.

If more than 8% of Sage customers submitted their VAT through the actual software, they could reduce time spent on manually inputting data. Sage software can send the VAT return in a matter of seconds in comparison to the minutes wasted on the HMRC site.

It is well-known that it is simple to process in HMRC site, but it is even easier with Sage Accounts with all the end-to-end processes in just one place.

Benefits of Sage 50 Accounts

The risk of mistyping information is reduced.

Less likely to forget to submit the VAT return.

3 easy clicks compared to the 10 steps of HMRC.

Sage software gives you instant authorisation in comparison to inputting tedious login details.

Confirmation receipts are stored.

Integrated payment methods.

Payments and receipts are all recorded in one place.

VAT Cash Accounting Benefits

In Sage 50 Accounts you can now trade abroad on the VAT Cash accounting scheme, meaning you can open conversations with a wide range of customers.

Sage Accounts can now record trading with customers and suppliers in different currencies. New bank accounts can be created that mirror your own current bank account so you can easily analyse transactions in a range of currencies.

Invoices can be created in the currency customers will be paying in, making it easier for customers to trade with you.

Stock Benefits

You can now see the stocks levels of your inventory on the invoice or sales order entry screen meaning, customers can now know the precise delivery time and stock availability.

With Sage 50 Accounts 2014, you can now reduce the time it takes to undertake a stock take by importing your stock quantities from an Excel or CSV file.

It is now quick and easy to remove products and services that are no longer sold from the product list without having an effect on your financial transactions.

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