Sage 200 Manufacturing – What Is It All About?

Sage 200 ManufacturingYou may know about Sage 200 as a whole, but do you know everything there is to know about the software that can integrate into it such as Sage 200 Manufacturing?

What is Sage 200 Manufacturing?

Sage 200 Manufacturing easily integrates with Sage 200 and allows you to control your material, labour and manufacturing processes to help you increase efficiency and reduce waste.

With Sage 200 Manufacturing, you’re now able to track supply chain activities in detail so that you can maintain maximum productivity. The assembly, repackaging of bulk items, resource planning, scheduling work and materials are also supported by Sage 200 Manufacturing.

So, I know what it does, but how can this benefit me?

Well, Sage 200 Manufacturing’s benefits include:

  • Issues Certificates of Conformity – This highlights that products fulfill regulatory, technical and safety requirements.
  • Store Master – This records for machine and labour resources.
  • Creates Detail Estimates – These estimates are created quickly and can include multiple estimates for one customer.
  • Manage Stock Demands – Sage 200 manufacturing can manage stock demands from sales orders, BOM, estimates, sales forecasting and make to stock. It also uses this information to raise purchase orders/work orders, although it does depend on lead times and stock levels, etc, to fulfil this need.
  • Sage Graphical Planner – Sage 200 manufacturing seamlessly integrates with Sage Graphical Planner to optimise labour and machine resource allocation.
  • Manufacturing Operations – These can be broken down into areas including labour, materials, machines and operations.
  • Multiple Sub-Assemblies – Sage 200 Manufacturing allows you to build through multiple sub-assemblies.

Plus, many more…

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