Sage 200 2013 – What Has Improved?

sage 200 2013 workspace
A screenshot from Sage 200 2013’s workspace menu.

Sage 200 2013 – What Has Improved?

Sage 200 2013 may have been released back in September 2013, but are people convinced that there is anything worth-while in the ninth installment of Sage 200? Well, there are quite a few new features that can help you run your business in a more efficient way. At Kinspeed, we have listed a couple of them:

Sage 200 2013 Improvements

New improved workspaces: –

In Sage 200 2013 , workspaces are now the default view and have replaced the original list view. Along with this, workspaces can now be launched from the individual module menus.

With workspaces, you can easily tailor and customise it to an individual’s need.

The new conversion tool now allows the migration of bespoke workspaces from older versions.

There is now anytime, anywhere access to all workspaces when using supported PCs/laptops

According to Sage, this has satisfied over 127 customers wishes!

Web User: –

With Sage 200 2013, the web user targets a wide range of customers who only needs to use the system for light weight tasks such as entering timesheets, expenses, authorise purchase orders and view data and a user can even run enquiries and reports.

Users can also add, edit, delete or change the following workspaces:

* Customer Account Enquiry
* Customer Current Transaction Enquiry
* Supplier Account Enquiry
* Supplier Current Transaction Enquiry
* Bank Account Enquiry
* Nominal Account Enquiry
* Stock Status Enquiry

Single Sign On: –

Customers now only have a single sign-on. This means it can handle authentication and authorisation and allows customers access to the relevant areas of the product according to their permissions.

If you’re an on premise customer, Sage 200 2013 automatically allows you to log on to Sage 200 using your windows ID.

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