RBS finance Kinspeed fit out .

Kinspeed have acquired an additional 1500 square foot of office space adjoining their current office, to enable them to grow and offer more services to their rapidly expanding customer base.

The extra space will be used to provide a large training room, another meeting room and extra desk space for current and future Kinspeed employees.

Kinspeed approached their bank about finance to refurbish the unit and Steve Ebsworth, RBS business development manager for Kinspeed was happy to oblige.

Ian Wragg, Managing Director of Kinspeed, said “Kinspeed are taking on more and more contracts for supply and development of Sage accounting software, development of e-commerce websites and general cloud based projects. We needed extra space to employ more people and continue to grow. Luckily the unit next door came up and we have now acquired it. It does need some work though but Steve looked at our needs and provided us with the funds to refurbish”

Steve Ebsworth, RBS business development manager, was equally upbeat “We will always strive to help innovative companies such as Kinspeed who have long term growth plans. It was a pleasure to help Ian and the team out and proves that the banks are still willing to lend”