Question Time

Question Time -  - Kinspeed Limited

On 14th December 2017, our Managing Director, Glen Banks, was in the audience as Question Time was filmed in Barnsley. Topics discussed on air included the ongoing Brexit deliberations, and the vote in the House of Commons the previous evening, where the government had been defeated in a vote for the first. Nicky Morgan, one of the 11 Conservative MP’s who had voted against the government was on the panel.

There was also a debate around homelessness and whether new mothers should be paid to breastfeed their babies.

Off-air, topics discussed included whether abandoning HS2 in favour of more infrastructure in the whole railway network in the north was a better option, and whether the police should be armed as a matter of course in this country.

Glen said, “It was an enjoyable evening, seeing how the program is made, and hearing some well-structured debate, both amongst the panelists, and also between the audience and the panel, and even the audience members themselves. Personally, I feel that the thing most needed around Brexit, from a business perspective, is a quick resolution in whatever form this takes, to provide the certainty that business require to enable long-term decisions and planning to continue. The off-air HS2 debate was very interesting, and it is important that the rail infrastructure around the north of England is improved to enhance links between the main cities, to improve productivity throughout the north of England”.