Kinspeed | Progress on New Building

Building work has started on our additional premises situated next to our current premises after receipt of the first trance of finance from Royal bank of Scotland. Below you can see how the unit is coming along and hopefully within a couple of months we will be moving in.

The picture above shows the extra 1500 sq ft unit next to our existing 1500 sq ft unit.

The new unit will hold a large meeting room, over twice the size of our current meeting room, which we will use for meetings, training sessions and webinars. It is also hoped at a later date when our business park fills up that we may also offer meeting facilities for other companies on the park.

The reception for Kinspeed will be in the new building and Kinspeed staff will enter via this reception and move into the main offices via a fingerprint recognition scanner. Extra room will have been created in the old offices by utilising the old meeting room and entrance to allow for 4 more staff, moving admin staff into the new reception area releasing another 2 spaces and taking down the old server room and moving that to the new area, possibly into a mezzanine area. This should give us desk space for another 5 people.

There will be a large break out area for impromptu meetings and course attendees. There will also be rest room facilities, toilets and a kitchen area. Kinspeed are looking at long term growth within these buildings and employing more staff as new projects are taken on. Recent developments have seen a rise in interest in our products on a worldwide 24/7 basis, so by careful planning of the space we have we will be able to address 24 hour working if necessary

We will have regular blog updates so keep coming back for another peek !