Ooh La La – Le Kinspeed go French

A couple of weeks ago we received  a lead from Sage regarding an EPOS opportunity with Unilever in Cheshire. Upon further investigation this lead turns out to be for a Unliver subsidiary based in Paris who wished to open a boutique store in London. After a webinar with the customer it was decided to meet half way for a demonstration of the EPOS system and Sage 200 as the back office system

So there we have the background to Ian Wragg and Ian Charles setting off on a road trip to Calais at 3 a.m. loaded with various tills, PC’s and technical equipment. We arrived at the euro tunnel port at 6.15 so instead of our original 8.20 crossing we were offered a 6.50 crossing which we accepted. The euro tunnel is very impressive and in the time it takes to have a stretch and have a comfort break we were in Calais, 35 minutes later. It was teeming down with rain as we made our way cautiously through the Calais back streets.

We had booked a hotel conference room to meet the clients at the Mercure Hotel and were greeted by a delightful receptionist who sorted us out with parking next to the door to the conference room and coffee.

Ian Charles samples the breakfast at the Mercure, get them legs covered up Ian before the client arrives !

We were set up by 9.30 and as the clients were not arriving until 11.30 we decided to have a full Anglais breakfast and very nice it was too, especially the sausages which were tres bon. Our clients arrived at 11.30 and we got down to some serious  Sage EPOS testing, only stopping for a 15 minute break.The meeting was over by 4 and we moved on to the nearest Carrefour to pick up the refreshments for our opening ceremony in July for the new training facility in Renishaw. This diversion and the subsequent traffic jam we hit in Calais made us miss our 17.50 departure on Euro Tunnel but we were out on the next one no problem.

The drive back to Sheffield was uneventful and we were home for 10 p.m. 19 hours and nearly 500 miles later. Just another day in the life of a Kinspeed employee !

Lets hope its all worthwhile ………..