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How to Implement your NetSuite ERP: A Guide for SMEs

So, you’ve decided ERP software is essential to build agility into your business, navigate changes and market pressure, and most importantly, track your financials and profit. The next key step is NetSuite implementation for which there are four options:

  1. DIY
  2. Use a NetSuite Solution Provider
  3. Work directly with NetSuite
  4. Find a NetSuite Implementation Partner

Your decision will depend on how you buy NetSuite ERP. A NetSuite Solution Provider Partner will sell and implement the software for you, at the same list price as NetSuite. One organisation to deal with everything: software purchase, implementation, integration and customisation, training, and support. The alternative is to buy the software direct from NetSuite, who might suggest an Implementation Partner for integration or additional customisation.

Implementing with Ease

All NetSuite partners are approved to deliver a perfect-fit ERP solution, expertly integrated with existing third-party software, such as courier applications, payables, and warehouse despatch systems.

A dedicated NetSuite implementation project management team removes your burden, establishing a hassle-free process. The project lead brings relevant industry experience to initial scoping, with Solution Provider partners such as Kinspeed, known for solid backgrounds in accountancy, logistics, .Net Development and more.

First up is an audit to understand the full scope of existing business management processes, objectives, budget, and expected NetSuite implementation timeline. Every pinch-point, error-prone process, and role-specific requirements are mapped to develop a holistic picture of your business.

Roadmap for NetSuite Implementation Success

The planning stage builds a roadmap for deployment – an agreed NetSuite implementation timeline and methodology – delivering rapid value. A well-planned NetSuite implementation ensures full functionality from day one of go-live.

After the business audit, a NetSuite Solution Provider partner will present a range of scenarios to facilitate your objectives. Functionality gaps will be bridged with custom software development – 70% of NetSuite implementations require some level of ERP customisation.

An example scenario will place NetSuite Financials at the core, with manufacturing, CRM, and logistics modules included. Additional applications, including EPOS, web orders, warehouse scanners, and carrier labels, are custom integrated with the core NetSuite ERP system.

Role-based scenarios ensure the ERP user interface – dashboards – are in place to support every function within your organisation.

This level of expert integration facilitates data collection from all business activities, in real-time, easily accessible from a single, secure system – transforming your business management from day one.

Enabling Technology at Every Step

The next stage is prep for go-live with three core steps: data migration, configuration, and user training.

  1. Data Migration: A NetSuite Solution Provider will migrate static information from your legacy systems to NetSuite. The new ERP system will absorb all existing data into a secure cloud storage account with checks for duplications and errors. Mapping enables data to flow seamlessly between departments and business units, ready for go-live
  2. System Configuration focuses on customising NetSuite to fit your organisation and developing role-specific dashboards and reporting functions. The user interface is one of the most important development stages, ensuring NetSuite delivers value from day one
  3. User Training: Effective change management is key. Process walkthroughs ensure every user is confident interacting with role-specific dashboards, accessing business data, and working remotely. Transitioning ownership from the NetSuite Solution Provider to your organisation relies on cross-department adoption as go-live approaches.

Driving Rapid Value

The final stage of NetSuite implementation is go-live. Delivery of NetSuite support from the implementation partner begins, with post go-live training to assess user adoption of your new ERP system.

The NetSuite post-implementation team provide you with on-going daily support and maintenance. And of course, the partner is always willing to provide additional system configuration and customisation, dashboard development, and user training.  As your business grows or changes, a NetSuite Solution Provider partner will add functionality to manage expanded operations and new or diverse markets.

Kinspeed is a NetSuite Solution Provider with industry experience relevant to a broad scope of industries, proven to deliver rapid value for business.

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