Murillio the Brazilian Intern

Looking good in your Sheffield United shirt Murillo

In May this year we were approached by the Hallam University in Sheffield about taking a Brazilian Intern for 3 months. The International Marketing Department led by Jenny Horner had managed to entice 24 Brazilians across to complete their studies in Sheffield and the final part of their studies was to spend 3 months in industry.

We have always had a good relationship with the university which is our main feed for new staff and year out interns, but we have never been offered a Brazilian before (person not cut). With our reputation as a multi cultural company, well one of the girls here owned a bar in Turkey and our engineer once went to Scotland on his holidays, we put Murillo Coletta through our demanding interview, known to break even the best developers.

He passed with flying colours and has now been here a few months and produced some great work. Obviously with the World cup being on at the same time, there has been added interest from our current staff quizzing Murillo about Brazils chances in holding up the coveted trophy. We all know that was not to be now but I think Murillo will always remember walking into the office the day after Brazil lost to Germany to the sound of ‘Deustchlandlied’, the German national anthem, blaring out, pictures of the German flag on every window and his laptop broken into and the background changed to David Luiz crying like a baby. Oh the English humour !

Murillo was presented with his Sheffield United shirt early in his career at Kinspeed which he loves and is well on his way to setting up a Brazilian Blades supporters club. See the picture above with Murillo holding back the emotion of wearing his shirt for the first time.

Last night, 5th August 2014, we were asked by Sheffield Hallam University to attend a leaving party for all the Brazilians, as they will be going back home around the end of August, at the Tropeiro in Leopold Square, a traditional Brazilian restaurant in the heart of Sheffield. I would recommend this place to anyone who hasn’t eaten for a week because the food is endless. Basically you get yourself a big salad plate on a buffet style basis and then servers come round endlessly with meat on skewers cooked on a giant Barbie that they cut off in front of you. Pork, Gammon, Lamb, Beef, Chicken it was all there in abundance but the most popular by far was when they came out with the Chicken Hearts which are a favourite Brazilian delicacy. I did try them but they were a bit rubbery for my delicate palate. Murillo tells me the same format exists in Brazil but they have roadside restaurants and the meats can consist of crocodile, birds etc !

Many thanks again to Jenny Horner and her incredibly hard working team at Sheffield Hallam for giving us the chance to use Murillo and for the great meal last night. And thanks to Murillo and all his Brazilian friends for making me feel welcome last night. It seems after Murillo showed off his Sheffield United shirt another 5 rushed out to buy it, and one of them even sang the Greasy Chip Butty song to me last night. They know their football those Brazilians …..

I have already asked Jenny to give us a call next year when 84 Brazilians will be coming to our fair city this time. We would be more than happy to take on another intern as Murillo has been hard working, polite and courteous

Viva Kinspeed

Having a good time at the Tropeiro
The 24 interns, mentors and Sheffield Hallam University staff at the Tropeiro restaurant in Leopold Square 5th August 2014. Spot me at the back with the bunny ears behind Murillo