Movember, Are You Doing It This Year?

It is already November and most people are looking forward to the idea of snow, hot chocolate and of course, presents! However, in the Kinspeed office, there are two brave men raging a war against the clean-cut, metrosexual man. The mere thought of having their upper lips exposed to the harsh elements makes their stomach turn so they’re choosing to jump on the band wagon this Movember!

Our Managing Director and Technical Director are attempting to raise money for charity with their Movember attempt. However, they haven’t quite decided which style they will shape it into and they have narrowed it down to these five:

The 'Artist' for Movember
Doesn’t he look suave?

The Artist – This wispy, moustache can instantly label you as a sophisticated man of the world. Although, it does take a bit of effort to keep it perfectly inline.

The 'Trucker' for Movember
If this moustache doesn’t say ‘macho’ then I don’t know what does.

The Trucker – This thick Hulk Hogan horseshoe is any man’s moustache dream, and gives you an excuse to buy a truck.

The 'Rocker Star' for Movember
You may be able to replicate his tash, but you will never be able to have his talent…

The Rockstar – Who doesn’t want to be a rockstar? This moustache could be brush in the right direction. I mean, if it was good enough for Hendrix…

The 'Magum' for Movember
Magum P.I – He needs no explanation.

The Magnum – Every man wants to be Magnum. He is a P.I and just look at his luscious moustache.

The 'Porn Star' for Movember
Well, he does get the job done.

The Porn Star – These moustaches may not be the most appealing to the opposite sex, but it is the perfect party piece. If you have this moustache for the whole of November, it will satisfy that small desire you had to be a porn star.

Kinspeed does Movember
The tashs are growing fast in Kinspeed!

We’re nearing the end of week one and our Technical Director’s moustache is growing thick and fast. However, our Managing Director is lagging behind and I think it is seriously damaging his ego…

If you wish to donate to our Movember page then please follow this link:

If growing a moustache has made you old and wise then you should be realising how we might be the Sage partners for you –