Green is the Colour

-  - Kinspeed Limited

The first year has passed of the whole Kinspeed car fleet now being electric / hybrid cars and the results are eye opening. Our previous company cars have been commercial pickups which helped the driver’s personal tax but were generally diesel guzzling beasts. When one of the directors decided to move to Barnsley, the company decided to look at the prospect of buying an electric vehicle to cut down on fuel costs.

Our first dip into the market was with a Vauxhall Ampera which is an electric hybrid that does 38 miles on a charge. With the employee living 36 miles away it has proved to be a very inexpensive car to run, averaging 250+mpg over 51,000 miles.

Since then we have bought 3 Mitsubishi Outlander Phev electric hybrids and have seen the following savings:

  • £18,000 saving in Fuel
  • £1,600 saving in Road Tax
  • £24,000 Capital Allowance Savings

Our next project is to have solar panels installed to pay for the electricity to charge the vehicles up in the day.

By the way we also sell and implement Sage software…. Which is also green.